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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Back to the Books

After a two week long break we started back to school yesterday. I always swear after such long breaks I will NEVER take such long breaks again as it is SO hard to get the kids focused again. But after a couple of months of schooling, it is ME crying for the break! I just can't win!

I must admit our days to run smoother while schooling because we have much more structure to our days.

This week on top of our regular subjects we added a group Geography class. After watching the Kelly Pickler episode on Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? I wanted to make sure my own kids would make the grade in that area!

We were anxious to get back to our read-a-louds; I am doing The Hiding Place with my oldest. Even at sixteen read a loud time is a special time. This book is so very special to me for many reasons and it is such a gift to get to share it with my son.

The youngers are doing Johnny Tremain. They are enjoying it very much. It isn't my favorite, but I just love how Sonlight(the main curriculum we use) combines all the readers, read-a-louds and history readers so well. As we're reading about the Boston Tea Party in our History book, we are also reading about it in Johnny Tremain, and we're learning about King George 3 in yet another assigned book.

While things have been a little stressed trying to get back in the swing of things my grandson offered some much needed comic relief as seen below: (note the cheese on top of his head in photo #2!)

Then of course not wanting to be left out of the act, my teenager decided to provide some comedy himself:

Teens and toddlers; is there really much difference???

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