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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hungry Planet

I saw this last year and was so intrigued I bought the book: Hungry Planet Please take a moment to follow the first link, it is VERY interesting. One thing that surprised me the most is how many countries, even small ones purchase soda pop on a regular basis. You will see nothing but burlap sacks of grain, yet there will also be a bottle of soda!

Another not so surprising sight was the amount of packaged foods and take-out in the more developed countries.

It seems so unfair to me that so many have so much, yet there are many more who don't have near enough.

The photo documentary is fascinating, but the book is even more so. It goes into greater detail and many more photos too!

I enjoyed this so much I also purchased a follow up Material World. This is just as interesting and shows many of the same families in their homes, examples of kitchens, bathrooms and favorite material possessions. For some the possessions were many, and for many very few. The bathrooms ranged from some that the toilets were all but encased in gold to a hole in the ground.

I think these are both very eye opening books for children and good reminders for us adults that not everyone lives quite as well as we do. I keep telling people, poor in America is WAY different than poor just about anywhere else in the world.

These books are not depressing or made to make you feel guilty they are just glimpses into the lives of others. I found them inspiring!

Both of these books make great geography and culture studies resources. I HIGHLY recommend them!
Speaking of Geography, here's a little girl(a VERY little girl) who KNOW'S her Geograhpy better than most adults, check this out: Lilly-The World

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