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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Site Seeing

I thought Saturday's would be a fun day to take you all site seeing to some of my favorite websites. As I am seeking a more simple life I have come across a few interesting sites lately. So, today's tour will be dedicated to simple living, anti-consumerism and environmental sites. One I enjoy is Christian Simple Living. I have not spent enough time there to say whether or not I agree with everything, but I did enjoy finding a Christian site dedicated to simple living. So many seem more "New Age" and this site was refreshing for me!

I recently started using re-usable bags for grocery shopping(when I remember to pack them in the car!) I have a couple I bought at Henry's and the others are just canvas bags I have gotten free from book clubs or curriculum providers. If I wasn't trying to NOT buy new in '08 I would seriously consider buying these ones.

They even have some for the more fashioned minded.

This one is dedicated to Overcoming Consumerism Again, I haven't had time to go over everything there, so use your own discretion when visiting my links. But I did find lots of interesting information there.

Feel poor?? I know I sure do most of the time. Here's an eye opener for you!

Wondering what you can do to help the environment? Here are some great ideas from the WWF.

Speaking of the WWF, Today while wearing this shirt I got tons of compliments. I was only too happy to share that 1.00 of each purchase goes to the WWF. This and many others(I think I have one of each, bought in 07 of course!) can be found at JC Penny online and in some stores as well.

Well, that just about raps up today's site seeing tour. Come back next week and see what our theme will be!

1 comment:

Beth Dargis said...

2 books that are really helpful for simple living are:

1. How Did I Get So Busy by Valorie Burton

2. The Not So Big Life by Sarah Susanka

Wishing you success on your journey.