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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Voted Today, Did You??

Today is "Super Tuesday" in many states. Your chance to give your say in who you'd like to see as your parties candidate. Here in America we have the rare privilege to pick our own leaders. It infuriates me that many don't even bother to vote. By not voting, you are letting others pick your leader. Sure, you may vote and your guy(or gal??) may not win, but at least you had the chance to give your say on who you'd like to see as your next leader.

The only thing that infuriates me more than people who don't vote, is people who don't vote, then complain about our leaders! No vote, no complaining....period!!

This year seems different to me than other years. It seems there is lots of talk of "splitting votes." Several people I know aren't voting for who they really want out of fear of "splitting the vote." To me this is almost as ridiculous as not voting. I see the theory behind what they're saying, I really do. But just what if everyone actually voted for who they really wanted? Just maybe, that person would win? There is a chance if you cast your vote for who you really want. If you don't, then well there is no chance at all. I for one am willing to risk "splitting the vote" to give my candidate the chance. I supported my candidate financially even when my family is struggling in this area. I supported my candidate by making calls, emails, banners on my other sites, wearing badges, bumper stickers etc....I am not about to throw my vote to someone else!!

So, no matter who you are voting for, or what party you are voting for, PLEASE go out and vote! And vote your conscience. " Just Do It!"

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