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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yesterday's Headline News....

When I go to turn on the news in the evening, I am looking to see what is going on in my community or the world, maybe catch the weather report, hear what the candidate's have to say about the upcoming elections, etc.... But yesterday all day was BREAKING NEWS!!!(ok slight exaggeration, but only slight) Starbucks was to be closed for three whole hours!!
What would the world(or at least us here in the good ol' US of A do without our beloved Starbucks for a WHOLE three hours???
The reason for this breaking news causing our world to come to a near standstill for three hours?? Training...!!???
OK, sure I suppose these people need to learn how to properly prepare coffee, but is this really "Breaking News?" Come on, give me a break!!
Don't get me wrong, I am known to occasionally splurge and treat myself to a Starbucks Green Tea Frapichino(sorry, don't buy it enough to know how to spell it), BUT, I think this whole hoopla over them being closed and the importance of training and all is just ridiculous.
What if everyone that would have spent five dollars there yesterday gave that money to a charity?? Now, that would be news worth hearing about!!
Five bucks doesn't seem like alot, but I bet ALOT of people didn't buy coffee during that time they normally would, and I think everybody's five bucks combined could make a world of difference. Actually there are organizations that do alot with just five bucks. Check out Five for 50
So maybe if you missed out on buying your coffee yesterday, you would consider checking out the above link and using that five bucks for something really news worthy?? I wonder if they use fair trade coffee?

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appleleaf said...

Hi Tara,
We're back again, after a good break. Yes, your 'breaking news' sure is ironic. We have a few Starbucks popping up in Australian shopping centres here and there but I haven't been into one yet.
We're keeping an eye on your political situation in the news. Last year, we had a dramatic change of government in our elections too, and the new PM seems to be trying to live up to his promises. Long may it last.
Your blog is always thought provoking,