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Friday, March 7, 2008

Home Sweet Homeschool No More??

We have been a homeschooling family for 11 years now. My oldest son will graduate from our school next year and then go on to serve his country in the U.S. Navy. In our homeschool, besides the three R's we teach love of God, Country and fellow man. I feel I have succeeded in all three. My son obviously loves his country dearly as he is willing and strongly desiring to serve his country even in time of war.

Now this same country that I have taught my children to love and if necessary die for, may be trying to take away our right to homeschool!!!

There has been a recent ruling in California(our state) that is a very serious threat to all homeschoolers. Please check out the links I will include and learn more. This doesn't just affect private homeschools such as mine, this also threatens those who homeschool through public school charters. In my opinion, this is also a big threat on parental rights! We parents need to wake up and realize we have been handing over far too much control to the state. We allow them to dictate how we can discipline, what vaccines they get and even their education!!

I could go off on a whole tangent here, but will save it for another day. Right now please go check out Home School Legal Defense's site for more information and PLEASE consider signing their petition, whether or not you homeschool, as this also is an issue of parental rights as well. Let them take this one, and they'll come after more!! While this issue may only affect your neighbor or friend, the next one may affect you! Just as you'd want your friends and neighbors to help you in your cause, please help them in theirs.

Today Focus on the Family will also have a radio broadcast where Dr. James Dobson is to speak on this issue. I know in California it will be airing on Sirius radio at 11:00 am. Here is a letter sent out by HSLDA which includes links to the petition and the radio broadcast information.

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:In what could be one of the most important homeschooling related broadcasts in 25 years, James Dobson interviews HSLDA Chairman Michael Farris on the developing situation in California.We encourage all homeschoolers to listen to this broadcast, and ask you to forward this information to anyone who is concerned about homeschool freedom, parental rights and the direction of our courts.Broadcast: Focus on the Family daily radio broadcast with Dr. James Dobson.Program Title: California's Threat to Homeschooling Families.Airdate: Friday, March 7, 2008.Since the broadcast is aired on stations across the country at different times, please visit ---- and search for "Daily Focus on the Family Broadcast" to find the station that covers your area.You can help stop this threat to homeschooling by signing an online petition to depublish the Court of Appeal opinion at,Ian SlatterDirector of Media Relations

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