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Saturday, March 29, 2008


Then surely you must be pro-adoption, right?? I never thought about it this way till my husband quoted something similar out of a book he was reading. Then I read recently a similar quote made by Mother Teresa. Now there was someone who really DID something about stopping abortion and taking in the unwanted children until "forever families" could be found for them! I am always becoming more and more inspired by that woman, she was someone who really put her faith into action, on complete trust and obedience..

Today I was listening to a broadcast on FamilyLife Today about building family relationships, and they got side-tracked for the first ten minutes or so about how the guest adopted one of their children by standing out side of an abortion clinic holding signs(his whole family!) offering to adopt these ladies babies! It is worth going to the site and downloading and listening to the first ten minutes to hear, pretty exciting!!

Many of us claim to be pro-life, but how many of us are actually pro-adoption?? Seems to me you can't be the first with out being the latter.....

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