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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Some Thoughts on Homeschooling

I've been homeschooling for eleven years now. Next year I will graduate my oldest son and he most likely will immediately begin his military career. One down, two(maybe three??) to go...

When we first started there were alot of questions and concerns from well meaning family and friends. Then I think they started thinking it was just a "phase" we'd quickly outgrow(surprise people...ELEVEN years!!) Then we started getting several wanting to jump on board with us as the public schools kept becoming worse and worse. Sadly for many of these families, homeschooling was a "phase" because I can say, I am one of only three homeschooling families I personally know. That number was in the high double digits just five years ago. Why? Because homeschooling is hard work!! I will share more on that in an upcoming post.

The past several years we have been pretty much left alone in regards to homeschooling. People eventually quit asking the stupid questions(IE: What about Socialization and others...) and figured this is just what we do.

Lately though due to the ridiculous publication of homeschooling now being illegal in California(see previous posts) people are once again raising eyebrows at our homeschooling. I think there were some who actually thought I would rush out and enroll my kids in the local public school(think again people!!) Friends and family I hadn't heard from in months, and some cases years all of a sudden were calling to find out what I was going to do now that homeschooling is illegal!! First of all, nothing has changed, and the finding is being appealed in the courts as I type this. Secondly, no, I would not, will not put my children in public school now or ever.

As a Christian I do believe we are to follow the rules of our land. But when those rules interfere with following the laws of my God, a line has to be drawn. First of all I will use a quote I see all of the time, I don't know who gets original credit for it, but it goes like this Render on to Caesar that which belongs to Caesar....My children are NOT Caesars!!!! I pay my taxes like the rest of you, I even pay taxes for the local public school which I am not using. I homeschool privately, using my own money for curriculum and other materials. The government(Caesar) can keep my money, but my children are MINE. Actually they are on loan to me from Him.

I didn't mean for this to get so long winded....I had planned on just sharing a few quotes and a video clip to get your minds thinking a little as I prepare to spend the rest of this week posting on homeschooling. Hopefully I will answer some of the top questions we get asked, offer our reasons for homeschooling, share our typical days, and dispell some myths for you all.

For now, check out this video clip from Voddie Baucham(I LOVE this guy!) and a quote from Martin Luther, and please come back during the week as I begin a homeschooling series. I want to share "real-life" homeschooling with you all, not the fantasies(good and bad ones!!) many of you have seen in the magazines and media.

I am afraid that the schools will prove the very gates of hell, unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures and engraving them in the heart of the youth.~Martin Luther

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