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Sunday, April 6, 2008

New(to me!) ways to save even more!!

We are still slowly but surely trying to hack away at our debt. For a while we were making progress, then the cost of EVERYTHING went up! Gas in our area in close to $3.70 a gallon. Even though I am intentionally using far less eletricity my bill has gone up nearly $60.00, same with our propane bill. Even groceries have sky rocketed! I am buying far less and spending more! This all combined in really hurting us right now!

Not only are we not making progress towards the debt, we are now falling behind on payments, OUCH!! We have been selling items we don't use or no longer need as well as making some sacrifices and selling things still dear to us. It is hard but I can do this all with a smile on my face, because little by little it is helping us achieve our goals.

But the fact remains that I need to cut back even more and find more places to save. I had heard of Angel Food Ministries before but never looked to much into it as the closest one to us was 100 or more miles away!! But they finally have a location near us, so I am going to take advantage of it this month. It is for anybody of any income level. There is no qualifying based on income. You pay $30.00 for a box of food worth up to $70.00. At their site they list each month menu. As it that's not good enough Hillbilly House Wife now posts menus based on the food supplied in each months food box! There is alot of meat in these boxes which will make meat eaters happy. My youngest and I try not to eat meat, but my older boys and husband will be VERY happy to have meat in the house again! After you purchase your box for $30.00 you can also purchase bonus boxes for between $18.00- 20.00(ish) dollars. ?Some are all chicken, some all beef, they even have a senior convenience box which I am thinking of getting one to keep on hand for couples that may be ill or recovering from surgery, it would be nice to have on hand for such an occasion.

Recently I also stumbled upon this blog, which is FULL of great money saving ideas. But my favorite page was this one, which explains in detail how to get free and near free items from CVS.
I have heard of CVS before , but wasn't aware of the money saving opportunities. She has similar pages for Walgreens and a few other stores which I am not familiar with.

I also just signed up once again for The Grocery Game. This site gives you a printed list full of all the best bargains specifically for the store you shop at. They also tell you which coupons are the best deals that week. I think coupons can be a great way to save but I don't have the time to figure it all out, so this is a HUGE help to me. I do find that most coupons are for convenience type foods I try to avoid, but many are for toiletry items we all need, and if I can get them for just pennies each or even better FREE then I will take advantage of the deal. Even the convenience foods I will use if I am getting it for free. In most cases I am not willing to buy them if I am spending ANY money as if it was something I wouldn't buy normally, then I'm not really saving money am I? But sometimes if it's a really good deal and I am wanting a treat I will, not often though.

So these things should be enough to keep me busy for now and give me a little hope that I CAN do this and get out of this hole. I hope there is something here you can use too. I really recommend the blog I linked above, there are just so many great tips there!

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