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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sixty Cent Cearl!!!

What a great week for cearl this has been! Ralphs(Kroger in other areas) had selected General Mills Cearl for 4 for $6.00 which in of itself is a good deal as that is $1.50 a box which is my hightest end limit. BUT with coupons from last weeks paper I was able to get several boxes for sixty cents each!! My pantry overflowith with cearl at the moment! Sixty cents a box is just too good a deal to pass up with four fast growing boys. Too good a deal not to share. This deal should be good through Wedensday, so look through your coupons and head out to Ralphs/Kroger and stock up! The only catch is you can only purchase four boxes per transaction so we did multiple trips.

If you are aware of any other good cearl deals please share here as we can go through the stuff rather quickly!

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