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Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday Shopping

No pictures to share this week as it was a rather large trip and not our best "deal" week although we did still save over 50%. At Ralphs(Kroger) we spent $117.00 but saved $109.00, not too bad. They had Huggies Supreme Diapers on sale for 9.99 and with coupons I had for 1.00 off each doubled I was able to get three bags for $7.99 each and plan on sending in for the five dollar rebate here.
That makes each bag just over $6.00 each! I can't even find cheap generics for that price!

We did get a few freebies and near freebies as well, so we can't complain too much.

We didn't do any CVSing this weekend as I am waiting for May first as there are quite a few "deals" I want to work with my saved ECB's. May looks pretty good to me at CVS.

Between my shopping this weekend and my Angel Food Box, we are good for at least two weeks! Counting the Angel Food cost(30 bucks) and what I spent at Ralphs that averages out to 70 dollars a week to feed my family of six which isn't too bad! That counts pet food, diapers, toiletries and all!!

With rising gas and food prices I highly recommend if you haven't already looked into couponing you do now. We've had to change a little some of our food preferences, but with the coupons and deals at CVS and others we are not being effected to badly by the rising prices and are actually able to get higher quality products as far as the toiletry items go. You can get generic toothpaste or body wash at a discount store for a dollar if you're lucky OR you can get Aquafresh, Colgate Total toothpaste and body washes such as Soft Soap, Caress and Dove for 50 cents or in many cases completely FREE!! Which sounds like a better deal to you?

At least sign up for the trial over at Grocery Game for a few weeks and give it a try! I recommend signing up for a store list that always doubles coupons, it gives you more freedom as far as shopping days, and in most cases increases your savings, although you may want to do the rest of your non-coupon shopping elsewhere. I highly recommend Ralphs(Kroger) or Vons.

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