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Friday, May 16, 2008

An Amazing Story

For school right now my oldest son and I are reading Run Baby Run which is the true story of Nicky Cruz who was a leader of a violent New York street gang in the 50's. Honestly, this guy was so bad that in parts of the book where he was describing what was in his heart and mind I just wanted to quit reading, it was that bad. He was just pure evil. He was the type you just give up on (most everybody has given up on him including a court ordered psychologist) there was just no hope for some one like him.

I am glad I kept on reading, because where there is God there is hope! Thanks to David Wilkerson of the popular book The Cross and the Switchblade Nicky gave his life to God and gave up the gang life. It is an amazing story!! His story has given me a new hope for someone who I care about deeply who many have given up on.

I love reading about miracles, stories about how lives were saved or how people were rescued from a financial crisis but the biggest and greatest miracle of all is the miracle God can perform on someones heart! That is the miracle I am praying for for my loved one, with a new faith, that it can and will be done!!

My son and I were both so intrigued with Nicky and his story that we started googling to find everything we could about him and guess what?? They are in production right now on a feature film about his life story!! I am so excited!!

We also found this youtube video clip with Nicky himself telling his story:

His is an amazing story, I recommend reading the book before the movie comes out!

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