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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Foster Care Awareness Month

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month! has an article with lots of great links to others on the issue of foster care. Go ahead and check them out.

I think May is an appropriate month to celebrate Foster Care as it is also the month we celebrate Mothers Day. Being a mom is just plain hard work! Sometimes loving and caring for our own little ones can be trying, how much more trying to care for a child that is not your own that needs all the love he/she can get, yet knowing that child may have to go back into the same situation that brought him to you to begin with! Lots of these kids come with issues that many of us couldn't even imagine, and these show up in the form of behavioral issues that can be very difficult to deal with. Yet these foster moms(and dads!) love these children and care for them as if they were their own, with little thought of themselves and the grieving they may experience as/if they lose these children back to the system. Now that is something to be celebrated!!

If you know a foster parent, be sure to let them know how great you think they are! Perhaps do something extra special for them this month. Perhaps learn more about foster care from them and consider becoming a foster parent yourself! The challenges are many, but the rewards are great!

No matter what you do, please consider doing something to help raise awareness about foster care. MANY more foster families are needed!

1 comment:

appleleaf said...

I take my hat off to all foster parents. What you've written says it all! The difficulties they take on, the possibility of relinquishing the children again any time, it takes great, strong people.
I'm glad you managed to have a bit of a retreat. We all need one sometimes.