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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Can you really save using coupons??

That is a question I get asked alot. Rather than try to explain myself, I'll let these ladies do the talking:

Then follow this link for a clip from one of my very favorite money saving sites: Refund Cents This is where I get some of my best tips for finding the best bargains and deals. I highly recommend a subscription to the magazine as well as the site. You will more than make up the cost with your savings! Take the time to follow the link for the video clip, it is a good one!

I have seen many books and articles about how these "coupon queens" save coupons for months and do this grand shopping trip for the cameras and it is NOT typical of what you can do on a regular basis. NOT TRUE!!! After just a few short months of doing this, these results ARE about typical for me! With rising costs of everything these days, it certainly is worth a try!

The first two video clips were from Coupon Mom and Hot Coupon World. Both are excellent sites for tips and ideas also!

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