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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hit and Miss Shopping Week

We had a hit and miss shopping week this week. At Ralphs we were unaware of some new coupon policies for our area and didn't get our second coupons doubled. Had we been aware of the policy change, we would have done our trip in two separate transactions. I wont complain to much as the new policy in the next county over is even worse. They are only doubling up to 99 cents or something like that! I have a copy of the official policy, if anyones interested I will post it here later.

CVS went much better. Our first trip was for necessities so we didn't have a lot of freebies or ECB's back, but used our saved ECB's for things like Clariton(which we got for the cheapest we ever had with ECBs back!) We also got a really cool razor with mini samples of Dove shampoo for free or near free(That's why I need to blog right away, otherwise I forget or lose my receipt!)got a great deal on soda's and a few other things.

Our best deals were Monday night at CVS. They have Huggies Supreme on sale for $7.99 which is a great deal to begin with, but I had 2 $1.50 off coupons, making them about $6.50 each!! Other than the buy one get one free deals I come across occasionally, this is the best deal I have gotten on Huggies!! I also got Huggies Clean Team Wipes for fifty cents each and Smart Start Cearl for fifty cents( 2 of each!) and Pert Plus Shampoo for fifty cents! The only ECB deal we got was Viactiv Calcium supplements that came to 45 cents after coupons and 3 ECB's back.

So, while not our best shopping week by far, we did still manage a few good deals. I like the Smart Start Cearl quite a bit, I am planning on seeing if I can locate a few more coupons and get some more before the sale ends. I am not a huge cearl eater, but for 50 cents, I can manage a few breakfast's of cearl!

If you have babies in the house, I recommend looking for some Huggies coupons and taking advantage of the deal! In some areas they are 8.99 rather than 7.99 so be sure to check your flyer's. They also have CVS brand on sale for buy one get one free. I am not sure on the price, but I think they are around 8.99. They are good quality, I compare them to the Pampers in the green bag!

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