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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm Back!!!

Of course it just occurred to me I never announced I was leaving!! I went on a little retreat of sorts. All I can say is it was way too much fun! I needed the time away, and I had lots of great company, and now feel refreshed and ready to deal with my crazy life again!!

So, if you've been wondering why I haven't been posting, that's why!

Being gone, I didn't do any grocery shopping, so I can't share much there, although I did stop by CVS on my drive home.(am I addicted or what?) Being so tired from my trip I didn't think to get photos, but basically I took advantage of some of May's deals and go quite a few items for free!

I have no new updates on our hydrogen car yet as all is pretty much the same. We are still saving about 8 miles to the gallon and constantly looking for ways to improve. My husband got some new plans, but has not had the chance to work on it as he was alone responsible for all the kiddos while I was away.

I am planning a shopping trip later today and may share the results. I am not sure if anyone is really interested in all the photos and receipts, if so please comment and let me know, otherwise I am thinking of doing away with that feature for now and just adding links to my sidebar of some of the sites I find my deals. I will do both if there is an interest, but you need to comment and let me know, OK?

Until later......

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