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Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday Shopping...Daddy Style!!

Yesterday would normally be my shopping day, but I realized after church I was coming down sick and probably shouldn't go out again. I was hoping to go today, as the sales change tomorrow and I didn't want to miss the deals I had planned for this week! But I got up this morning still not feeling well, so my brave and highly devoted hubby got my Couponizer, Grocery Game list as well as my regular shopping list and headed out all by himself.
Either he is really sharp or my system as well as my Couponizer are just highly organized(maybe a bit of both?) as he got it all done by himself and managed to save $108.00!!!! Our total bill was $124.00 and included alot of stocking up items as well as some OTC meds and diapers.
There were a few freebies this week such as kitty treats and food, marinates and a few others. Unfortunately, quite a few items were sold out, which is why I diligently try to get there Sunday right after church! But not too bad as this will cover us for the next two weeks and add a few items to our ever growing stock pile. I do still need to run back and get some Clariton D(with a coupon of course!) But even with that, we still came within our budget!
So ladies, (and Gents..) this coupon stuff really is simple, so simple that even when you can't make it to the grocery, you can hand your list over to your dear hubby or older children and let them do it pretty much hassle free!
Thanks to my hubby for being a good sport and an excellent care giver while I've been under the weather!

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