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Monday, May 26, 2008

This Pretty Much Sums It All Up!!

I have literally been awake at nights wondering/worrying about who to vote for this year. For the first time in my voting life I am tempted not to vote!! There have been times I felt like I was voting for the lesser of two evils, not who I'd really like to see in office, but this time I don't think there is a lesser of two evils...they are all pretty much the same in my book!

Sad, as we started off with some really strong, good candidates in both main parties, and this is what we're left with??

You can find these stickers and shirts here if you'd like. I think they'd be hilariously funny, if they weren't so sadly true....


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this, thanks so much for posting. I forwarded the link to everyone in my family...all Ron Paul supporters!

Anonymous said...

Back in college, when we thought the world was ending because of the two candidate, the student body of my small college decided to protest by writing in the name of one of our professors.

Poor guy got over 200 votes -maybe 300.

I am wondering about voting for him again! (or how about Amy R?)

Tara B. said...

LOL Anonymous....Amy R would certainly be my pick! I was planning on writing in Tinkerbell on my ballot, but who knows, maybe we'll leave the ballot counters wondering who this Amy R person is??