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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Broke For Me Must Be Different....

I am becoming more and more convinced that broke for my family is different than broke for others here in America.
See, broke for me means our debt finally caught up with us. We are no longer able to make all of our monthly payments on time. Broke for me means that we just escaped losing our modest, small home by the hair of our chiney, chin, chins(thanks to my brother for helping us out there!)
Broke for me means until this debt is paid and I can afford our monthly expenses we no longer eat out, take martial arts classes, don't buy new anything. Broke for me means no fancy shoes or clothing. Broke for me means enrolling in a public charter school after 11 years of homeschooling privately because I don't have money for school books to continue homeschooling privately.
Broke for me means giving up the cable TV, land line phone, Netflix DVD Service, and more.
Broke for me means selling things I really don't want to sell, so I can maybe just maybe make ends meet this month.
Broke for me sucks!
Broke for others around me seems to be a bit different than what broke is for me. I don't understand it. They all tell me how broke they are, but I just don't see it. Their kids all have the nicest, newest 70 dollar and up shoes, not one pair each but several. They have brand new computers or neat accessories, new swimming pools, are taking vacations, buying new cars, wearing new clothes each week.
Sure, they may be selling a thing here and there as they are so broke(poor things) but yet they continue to buy as much or more than they are selling.
These people are so broke poor things, yet they are above couponing or just too busy to take the time to clip a few I guess. They are so broke, but while I am cancelling services they are upgrading, yet complaining how broke they are the whole while.
I just don't get it, I really don't. I guess broke for me is just different.
But I am not complaining, maybe just whining a little. Because broke outside the U.S. is way different than even my version of broke.
In my version of broke, I have a roof over my head, not one vehicle but one for each driving family member. While I may not be eating the food I prefer to eat, I do have a meal three times a day. We have water, running water at that!
In other parts of our world there are others who truly are broke or poor in the truest sense of the word. They are lucky for one meal a day, and they work harder than most of us do, just for that one meal.
Seventy dollar shoes? They are lucky if they have shoes period! Homeschooling, public school, private? They are truly blessed if they are even able to attend a school.
Health care? Forget about those parts of the world people still die daily from diseases that are totally preventable or treatable because there just isn't any health care available.
Maybe my version of broke doesn't suck quite so bad after all. Not that others suffering should make any of us feel better, it shouldn't. But maybe it should be a wake up call! Maybe instead of those 70 dollar shoes this month you can give just half of that to an organization such as Compassion International.
No matter how broke I get, that is one monthly commitment I refuse to give up. As much as I may be struggling, the little girl we sponsor struggles even more. I am sure to her my broke is quite different than her broke and she would be quite confused if I dared try to tell her just how broke I was!

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