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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Do You Ever Want to do This?

Yesterday I posted about how I thought more people must have recently taken up couponing as at Ralph's the shelves were near empty or empty of the sale and coupon items, which is quite rare for my local Ralph's.

Well at CVS, it was a little different. I was looking for the toothbrushes that were free after ECB's and there was a rather young mother and father buying very similar items of things I was about to get for FREE, and they were buying things they'd have to pay ALOT for! I was getting two toothbrushes for free, and she was paying over three bucks for one. I was getting free band-aids and she was paying for some.

This was really bothering me, not that it's my business how she shops or chooses to spend her money, but I think she didn't know she could be getting these things for free. I SO wanted to tell her, but A: I am a rather shy person by nature, and B: she looked rather rushed and I wasn't sure how she'd respond , and C: I was sure my husband would die of embarrassment if I approached her.

Have you ever wanted to tell someone who was paying far too much for an item that they could be getting it for free? Have you done it and what was the reaction? Gratitude? Annoyance?

How would YOU feel if a complete stranger stopped you in the store and offered shopping advice? Would you be annoyed or thankful? I am just curious...

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