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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Don't Try This At Home(or what went wrong with the new hydro-booster)

No, we didn't really blow up the car(yet). Did I scare you? But the new fuel cell isn't working quite as well as we'd hoped. Well, maybe in some ways it's working better, but needs some kinks worked out yet.

The first day we drove it and it seemed we were getting much better mileage. We didn't fill up so didn't have any real data to go off of, but we drove over 100 miles and the gas gauge hadn't moved at all. We were hopeful.

The next day my dear son used it to take his behind the wheel drivers test and the engine light went on minutes before the test(oops!) The Husband looked at it and from what I understand one of the tubes or something was too long and grounded, and the fuel cell wasn't working at all.

Husband worked on it a bit and thought all was well, until the next day the wiring all got burnt!(oops again) So for now it is disconnected until the weekend when hopefully he will have time to work on it. He is confident he knows what to do to fix it.

Not the best news, but not all too terrible either, but thought I should update before you all thought it worked even better than expected and we still hadn't filled up and that's why you haven't heard from us!

So, don't try our newest design/plan as shown in the recent video just yet. Give us a bit to fix the kinks and get back to you.


Anonymous said...

The sister generator we built that day seems to be working great. No problems with the wiring. Just had to raise the bottom so it wouldn't ground out. Producing a fair amount of hydrogen gas.

appleleaf said...

Whoa, that photo scared me to start with.
I hope you and your dh fix up those few hiccups quickly. I suppose it's reasonable to expect a few.
Your pumpkin choc chip muffins sound like just what I'm looking for.
I tried the quizzes of your last 2 blogs. Like you, I aced the grammar one with full marks! I tried the American history one just for fun and actually ended up with 3/10. It said I'm an "average American" which probably wasn't too bad for an Aussie! (LOL)