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Saturday, June 7, 2008

I Still Don't Like Wal-Mart!

I have never liked Wal-Mart. I typically try to avoid it like the plague. I mean I REALLY, don't like Wal-Mart! It all started because our local Wal-Mart, which believe it or not is 35+ miles from me, is just so dirty and filthy. You feel dirty just walking through there. Their customer service stinks, and walking out of the store can make you feel like a criminal. The door people want to randomly stop you and look through your cart and receipt. It's not like the door alarm goes off when you walk through, half the time I don't even make it that far before they stop me! The bathrooms are totally disgusting....I've seen cleaner ones in the worse parts of TJ Mexico, and no, I am sorry to say, I am not exaggerating!

So I already didn't like this place when I saw the Wal-Mart Movie, and that just etched it in for me. I really don't get how they can make the money they do, and not treat their workers decently or keep their stores clean.

So why did I torture myself yesterday and go into a place I would rather not, and goes against my principals and better judgement? Well, as you know if you read my blog I have become addicted to couponing and finding a good bargain. I saw on some of the other blogs I frequent(see sidebar) that with coupons I could get many items I regularly use for free or near free. So I get my list, cut my coupons and head out to "that place." Did I save any money and get any good bargains? Not a chance!! I kid you not, nearly all the items that I had coupons for were not there. It's not that they were once there and sold out because the bargains were so good, there wasn't even a tag for them on the shelf although there were empty sections where "something" once was. Hmmm.....

It is kind of odd, that I had a coupon for a great deal on HP printer paper and with the coupon had three types to choose from. They had TONS of HP printer paper, I didn't even know HP made that many varieties. But they didn't have ANY of the three that were on the coupon. Hmmm....

Sadly, I found this the case in 90% of the items I went to "that place" for. Same was true with cearl. They had the particular brands I was searching for just not the one particular variety that would have been free with the coupon combined with the sale. Hmmm...

I did manage to get pickle relish, KY Jelly and baby soap for free, that's it! Yippie! I could have done that at Ralph's which is kept clean and I am treated decently. The cashier at Wal-Mart made me feel like I was a criminal or scum for daring to try to use coupons. I coupon often and have NEVER been treated like that or made to feel bad for using a coupon, EVER!

So, I learned the hard way, that Wal-Mart still sucks, and there is not much good that could come from a trip to that dreaded place. I also learned that I shouldn't compromise my principals for a good bargain, it's not worth it. I should have known better. It was probably a lesson I needed to learn, principals are far more valuable than a coupon or free item.

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