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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Of Mice and Men....

Or almost this case my 16 year old son. Today he officially became a licensed driver!!

I think I am more excited than even he is, as this not only gives him new freedom, but makes life a little easier on me as well! Here he is with his own car, he bought with his own money!

So, I suppose this may be considered a step towards manhood. Now, onto the mice!

The same son above has a pet snake that looks quite similar to this:

Well, Mr. Snake, otherwise known as "Reggie" needed his weekly meal, which consists of this:

Well, Dear Husband bought a mouse quite a bit too large for Reggie to eat. It just happened to be the day before my youngest sons birthday, and thinking I was being funny I handed the mouse over to him and said "Happy Birthday!"

The joke was on me, as Dear Son with big bright eyes said "Wow! Thanks mom!" and immediately fell in love with the rodent. When asked what he wanted for his "real" birthday gift he came up with a list of things to make "Lucky the Charmers" (yes, he named the thing) quality of life even better. (personally I think the thing should be grateful he wasn't dinner that night, but whatever)

So for his 9th birthday, Dear Son received this as his gift:

He was quite pleased, but not fully satisfied as he is convinced Lucky the Charmer(lucky he wasn't Sunday nights supper) needs even more goodies to be a fully fulfilled mouse he still wants this:
And this:

and last but not least, this:

Just how Lucky the Charmer went from being Reggie's Sunday Supper to the newest and probably most pampered family pet is still beyond me, but that's a typical day or two in the life of this crazy family.

All I have to say is that he is sure one lucky(and slightly pampered) rodent!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday "D"; Good job "A" on getting your DL.

Lisa Quing said...

LOL! That is too funny!