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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Update on Ralphs New Double Coupon Policy(June)

I have bad news....I should have expected it....Our local Ralph's (Riverside County) just started a new rewards program, when I asked if this would change their double coupon policy like it did San Diego's, they told me YES!!

Starting June 25th Ralph's will only double coupons up to 50 cents. Meaning a 50 cent coupon will be doubled to 1.00, a 1.00 coupon is only worth a dollar.

This is highly disappointing after getting the letter from Ralph's themselves that I posted previously stating that this policy was only for San Diego County.

As much as I like Ralphs due to the clean stores and well stocked shelves, this new policy and rising prices, is going to force me to shop elsewhere.

In my area, we have Winco which has very low regular prices and accepts coupons, although they don't double them. But, after comparing prices last week, I think with coupons at face value combined with their regular low prices my savings overall will be greater than they were at Ralphs. There wont be free items, but overall I feel it will average out to better savings.

With the new policy at Ralphs I really don't think there will be many free and near free items anymore anyway. Their new rewards policy may be good, I don't know, but I am pretty sure it wont make up what I'll be losing with the new coupon policy.

Ralph's I hope you change your policy back soon, but until then, I will be shopping elsewhere.


jana said...

Are you ever over on the Slickdeals website. There is a thread just for deals at Vons, Albertsons and other grocery sites. I frequesnt the CVS board. We are ll boycotting Ralphs for their coupon policy changes. I'm mathgirl on the Slickdeals boards.

~ Fellow Sonlighter

Tara B. said...

I lurk over at Slick Deals occasionally for the CVS deals, I will have to head over there again soon!

Yes, we will be boycotting Ralphs. I am finding we are doing quite well at Winco, without coupons, once I start using my coupons there, I think we will be coming out ahead!

I will miss the freebies, but hopefully I will start doing well at CVS again and be able to get many of our tolitries there!

Do you have a Winco near you? I am amazed at how well we're doing there!

Chase said...

CVS is not as good as it used to be. They are issuing less coupon s and offering fewer free-after-ECB items. I have a good stock of items so I rarely need anything. I still think it's worth going for the free items.

I don't have a Winco-We are in California. But occasionally Albertsons will have a good deal.

I was able to get about 18 free boxes of bandaids (soo funny!) when they had a $1 sale. I happened to have a bunch of coupons that week. We have a free-throw away paper that has coupons sometimes.

Chase said...

Sorry-I am logged in as my son :)