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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Accidental Gardening

In an effort to save money and eat more healthy, I have decided to try my hand at gardening again. To be honest, I plain old suck at gardening. I have only once had a successful garden experience that didn't happen by accident.

One year I got zucchini, cucumbers, radishes, carrots and lots of strawberries to grow in my wine barrels, but then my goat ate them all in one night!!! We no longer have the goat!

Other than that one time, I have never had success intentionally. The plants either never grew, or grew and didn't produce or grew and died.

Now, accidentally, is a whole other story!! Quite a few years back at our old place we didn't realize we had put the chicken yard right on top of our leach lines(YUCK!!) Well, the corn from the scratch they ate planted itself and grew and produced!! No, in case your actually wondering, we did NOT eat the stuff!!

Then last year one day husband called me outside and wanted to show me something. In the area where our "grey" water runs off from the kitchen sink and laundry room were lots of tomato vines with TONS of tomatoes!! I have never, ever been able to grow tomatoes, and here were bag loads just growing all over the ground!!

Apparently some seeds made their way down the sink and into this area which is always wet and took seed and grew, like crazy!! Unfortunately, we couldn't eat those either. In an effort to save money we had switched to a regular store bought laundry detergent and figured they weren't safe being watered by that run off. Well, that and the fact that the rabbits, birds and other creatures that always give us trouble left them all untouched. Figured if they didn't eat it, we probaly shouldn't either, I always trust my animal friends.

For now, I am trying cucumbers and tomatoes in my barrels and so far they seem to be doing well, although not producing just yet.

I didn't stake the tomatoes, because I have all the years in the past I tried growing them, and had no luck what-so-ever. When those accidental tomatoes grew and took over that whole area, they were just allowed to vine, so I am trying the same approach here. May work, may not, we'll see...and I'll let you know.

In the area just below my barrels, I planted some pumpkin seeds this last week. I think I may be a little late, but we will see.

I am tempted to use an all natural detergent and just throw all of my veggie seeds down my drain and see if I can grow by accident again. But that would be intentionally accidental, and wouldn't be the same would it? Hmmm....

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Anonymous said...

Try using the chicken dropping mixed with the dirt. It really feeds the plants and enriches the soil.