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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Coming Out Of The Closet

This probably wont come as a huge surprise to many of you who know me, and yet to others it may. I am a vegetarian.
Well duh, you say. Of course you knew that already, but you don't know the real reason why. I tell many of you it is due to my corn allergy. That is true, I am terribly allergic/sensitive to corn and corn products, so therefore I can't really eat meat even if I wanted to.
But while I have denied it for years, sometimes to make others around me feel better, or not to seem too judgmental of others, the truth is I don't like to eat animals, period. There, I said it.
See, while I may not judge you for choosing to eat animals, the rest of you can judge me pretty harshly, even laughing at me and mocking me for my choice not to eat my friends. Being only human I have a hard time dealing with that. But no more. I care more about my furry and feathered friends than what the rest of you think of me.
A young friend the other day tried to convince me that God gave us animals to eat. I am sorry I don't agree. I believe in the beginning we were all created to be vegans and live in harmony with one another. It was only after mans sin we became carnivorous. Even then, when in the New Testament and God gave us more freedom in which animals we could eat, I don't think He had in mind what our meat industry has become. While in my opinion, eating meat alone is not necessarily sinful, what the factory farming and meat industry has become is nothing short of sinful, brutal and cruel.
Here is a tastefully done video on just that subject: This one is safe for even children to watch and enjoy.

This next one is a bit shocking and perhaps should be viewed by parents before allowing children to watch, although I personally feel everyone, young and old should be free to know just what they are eating and where it comes from.

This second one, I occasionally get a message that the video is no longer available, keep trying, it is, it just seems to have some glitch in it.

So, there you have it, I am an animal loving vegetarian. I don't eat meat, because I just can't eat other creatures that once lived and breathed and gave birth to live young and in nature would love and nurture that young.

Don't judge me, and I wont judge you, but I will ask that if you do eat meat, that you consider free range and cruelty free meat. While it will cost more economically, it will make a statement to factory farms, that consumers want quality and not necessarily cheap junk that in my opinion isn't really fit for human consumption anyway, with all of those anti-biotics, forced corn feeding, hormones, etc...think about what you are putting into your body! If you wont do it for the animals, do it for yourself!

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Moses said...

I for one think you have a terrific outlook on animals. In my experience I've noticed that people take their religion as the beginning and end of morality. But in the end it is really up to us to make moral decision. Christianity alone has been used to justify southern slavery and antisemitism. And these days a few lines from Genesis are used to justify animal cruelty. To be religious - and not have ones mind controlled by those claiming to be authorities on religion - I believe is a form of moral courage rarely seen.