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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It Has Been Rumored...

There have been rumors floating around that there is someone I love even more than my husband, or children. These rumors have been going around so long even my husband and children are starting to wonder....

I can neither confirm nor deny this rumor. But I will say this "friend" of mine is always there for me. He doesn't care whether I weigh 102 lbs or 120. He doesn't care if I am having a bad hair day. He doesn't care if I don't have anything intellectual to chat about. He is very forgiving of my many short comings.

He enjoys Yoga almost as much as I do, and even practices with me sometimes. He loves to cuddle with me while I am on the computer. He rarely ever complains about anything, although he does make an awful lot of noise if I buy the wrong brand of tuna for him.(yes, it's true he isn't a vegetarian, but I love him anyway)

He's a bit spoiled, but incredibly handsome:
Do I love him more than my human family members? I can't say without offending either them or him, but I do love him! With a handsome face like that, wouldn't you too?(don't answer that unless you have something nice to say!)

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