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Friday, July 25, 2008

It's Like Jurassic Park, Man....

A day later than originally planned, but we did make it to the Cedar Springs Trail. I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it was. It was so lush in parts that one of my kids made the Jurassic Park comment above, which was funny in itself, but when we were eating dinner, another child made the exact same comment!!

The area was great, there were all sorts of different scenery to admire. Parts were like high desert, others were like a lush forest.

This time we tried carrying the baby in a pack instead of the stroller. It made the trip much easier for most of us, although I don't know if my husband would agree it was easier for him.

Truth be told, the stroller would not have made it on this hike, no way!

There were lots and lots of big, beautiful trees. They almost reminded me of the old banyan trees in Maui.

For some reason it didn't take the kids as long to poop out this time. Every time I turned around, one or more of them were trying to stop and sit. It was a bit more strenuous a trail than the last, but I didn't think it was THAT strenuous.

Apparently the trail makers thought it was at least confusing if not strenuous, as they made plenty of signs to remind us of where we were, and which way to continue on.... Sitting again...
A warning...
Parts of this trail were just so unbelievably lush and green, just beautiful!

Caught sitting...AGAIN!!

I just loved this rock pretty and tranquil in this spot! You could hear a variety of birds singing, and it reminded me of being in the larger bird exhibits at the Zoo, but this was real life, just too neat!! I LOVE the sounds of birds singing their songs...unless it's my sons parakeet squawking at 5:00 am!!

Just beautiful...and to think all of this is practically in our own backyards!

Definitely no way the stroller would have made it through these parts! The pointy plants really stick you if you brush by them walking past...OUCH!!

My very own He-Man!

A pretty cool look-out point. We all had fun here!Caught sitting yet this point I think we were all a little tired and hungry, so we decided to hike back down the two or so miles to the picnic tables where we can eat in the shade and let the baby loose for a bit.

Going down is always so much easier than going up!!

So after re-fueling with food and drink, we pretty much ended our day other than the mile or so hike back to the cars.

But I can't end this post without showing some of the breath-taking views we had on the way up, and down.

For me, being out in nature like this leaves little room in my own mind about the existence of an ultimate Creator. I think that is why famous writers, men and women throughout history have said that they feel closest to God when in nature. His designs are so much more intricate, beautiful and glorious than any home or building even the worlds best architects can design!

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