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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Killer Corn??

Finally, someone who sees the problem with corn as I do!! My dear brother recently told me of a movie called "King Corn." Now I have to admit here I haven't actually seen this movie yet. It is 2nd in line in my Netflix Queue. But I did spend a little time at the website, and speaking to my brother who did view the movie as well as watching trailers at the site and over at You Tube. I am not going to attempt to give a movie review here of a movie I have yet to see, but I certainly will after watching it.

I am just so excited to see that others are starting to see what the problem is with corn the way it is produced and used today. I am not a scientist, nutritionist or expert in anyway, but I do know from my own personal experience with the stuff, that it is in EVERYTHING!!! And I do mean EVERYTHING!!!

Let me back up a bit......years ago I started having terrible stomach pain 10-3o minutes after each meal. After several trips to the ER being checked for gallbladder stones and several unsuccessful trips to the GI specialist, with nothing wrong found, I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. Strong narcotic pain killers couldn't even knock the pain, didn't even dull it. After several DR. visits we did discover that strong anti-spasmotics DID help. My stomach was spasming! Why?

I started keeping a food diary. After several weeks I couldn't see the connection just looking at the foods eaten: Corn Flakes for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, Snickers bar for snack(I have a terrible sweet tooth that I often give in to.) Beef, Rice-a-Roni and salad with store bought dressing for dinner. Where/what was the connection here?

Several more weeks into this(meanwhile almost wishing I'd just die at times, as the pain would be so bad and last for up to two hours at a time) I started reading the ingredients hoping to find the connection. Soon enough it was very clear what the problem was, CORN!!

Now, mind you, corn will not cause everyone to have these problems(but it will cause plenty of others!) I obviously have a sensitivity to it, that developed later in life.

Did you know this stuff is in EVERYTHING? Or perhaps I already mentioned that? Think about is fed to the animals we eat(this whole experience quickly turned me back to my vegetarian roots) it is in the dairy products as the dairy animals are fed corn. It is in spaghetti sauce, mayonnaise, salad dressing, just about EVERYTHING!!

And we mustn't forget our good friend(or mortal enemy?) high fructose corn syrup!! He is in candy treats, soda's and all of our other favorite sweet treats!

We have good old corn starch or corn solids holding our pre-shredded cheeses(does anybody really pay for that? Crazy...) breads, and other products together.

Did you know they even corn feed farmed Salmon?? WHY??? Do you really think wild Salmon eat corn? I think not.

I am telling you, this is bad stuff!! Most corn today isn't even natural corn, it is genetically modified(like so many other foods today) Do a little research, you probably wont want to eat much that you can buy in the store anymore.

I found this site which is supposedly singing the praises of corn. Well, they are, but I couldn't help but laugh at a few of these, and be sickened by others:

On a low-fat diet? Say thank you for corn. Many low-fat foods depend on corn-derived food starches to provide qualities that used to come from fats. Examples include everything from low-fat salad dressing to baked goods and meat products.

Ok, this one made me laugh...Maybe this explains why so many people on a low fat diet, eating pre-prepared diet foods are still, well...fat? What do you think they use to fatten up the cattle and pork with to get them ready for slaughter more quickly? Oh, and let us not forget our favorite water animal the Salmon.

Daily bread buying. Corn syrup prevents waste and saves consumers money by keeping bread fresh longer. By retaining moisture, corn syrup keeps baked goods from drying out too quickly and going stale.

Again laughable, but also somewhat sickening. I once needed some moldy bread for my sons microscope lesson for life science. I took a piece of store bought potato bread and I am not kidding when I tell you I put it in a dark cabinet above my oven hoping to hasten the molding process, and the stuff NEVER, seriously, it NEVER molded, three months later. Yum? I mean it's nice it stayed true to it's bought form, but how healthy could that be? I wonder if we start digging up graves, if humans ever decompose these days with all the preservatives and fake foods we consume?

On the other hand, it took my homemade whole grain bread a little over three days above the oven to mold the following year for another experiment.

I'll let you look over the rest of the list on your own, but when it is bragging how it keeps lollipop's from dripping or claims to be what keeps marshmallows fresh, etc... I again laugh..should we really be eating this junk to begin with??

I could keep on, as I definitely have a beef with corn(no pun intended?) but I will stop here and come back and post more on the topic after viewing the movie. Hope this gives you some food for thought for now...

If you care about your own health or the health of your family, you may want to start investigating the food you buy. If you care for the worlds hungry, you may want to do the same. Any idea how much corn is produced for animals to be eaten by those who can afford to, versus what is grown to feed the truly hungry of the world. Now, there's some real food for thought!

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