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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

They Don't Make It Easy!!

Just a laughable update to my previous post. I called our satellite programming service to cancel and they did everything under the sun to keep us as a customer! Finally after convincing the customer service rep. that I indeed wanted to get rid of the service, period, I was presented with two options.

First option for 10.00 dollars a month keep the equipment and put the account on hold for up to six months, or the second option, send back all the equipment.

I found it quite funny, that I'd have to pay ten bucks a month to not watch TV!! I even laughed out loud, which I think I even heard the rep. try to hold back a giggle as I was laughing over the silliness of the prospect!

Believe it or not I did select the first option until I speak to my husband, as I didn't want to volunteer him to go on the roof and take down the equipment without his blessing, and while I did tell him last night I was getting rid of the TV, I am not sure he thought I was serious. So better safe than sorry I suppose.

I just still can't believe they charge for you to NOT watch the TV . Just ludicrous! But even more insane, is that I am paying it, although hopefully not for long once I get husbands blessing!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of no cable. Now its time for family time.