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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We Came, We Saw, We Conquered....Almost!

Yesterday my husband surprised me by calling and requesting I have a packable dinner ready to go when he got home and we'd go hiking!! I really wanted to go and finish a hike we started over the weekend and didn't finish, but he wanted to stick closer to home(good idea as you can tell from the above photo it was dark when we finished!)

So we headed off for The Ramona Trail, which is about 4-5 miles from home. It all started out pretty easy:

The trail was smooth and open, we figured no problem! That soon changed as you will see in following photos.

Along the way we did see a pretty neat thing!

This photo just doesn't do it justice. It is a snake suspended on some weeds! We have lot's of snakes here, no biggy, but this one almost looked as if it was floating in air as it was spread accross some fine weeds. Friendly guy(or gal!) as we practically brushed up against his nose to pass by, and it didn't even flinch!

Here's my guys walking on ahead, don't you just love the Panda Pack??

Hubby and Austin still strolling along quite happily and fairly easily...

Our view from about half way up our hike...

Things are still going pretty smooth at this point so I was surprised that I got this reaction from the kids when I told them we still had 30 minutes to go till we stopped to eat:

Not happy campers..I mean hikers!

Things started getting a little rougher, especially with a stroller. This Jeep off road stroller is great, I highly recommend it, but it is NOT made for these sorts of trails!! The tire even came off on the way back down!!

I have to give props to my husband here. I tried the stroller for just five minutes and could barely do it, I had everyone yelling at me!! Husband did it like it was nothing!

Another view from a little further up...

Finally we stop to eat and let Austin get out to stretch his feet a bit. Of course it would have been much more helpful if his Grandma-ma was smart enough to put his shoes on the right feet!!!

So with our bellies full and our thirst quenched we head back down rather than try to make it to our destination as it was starting to turn to dusk!

Of course we took advantage of a few more photo opportunities on the way down!

And we're back where we started from!

Tomorrow if we can find a baby backpack carrier to borrow, we are heading out to the Cedar Springs Trail. And Saturday we head back out to Idyllwild to finish what we started last weekend, but this week we WILL finish it! This one will make for some great photos as it is one of the most beautiful places in these parts!


Anonymous said...

at about the other 11.5 miles. Job not completed until you reach the top. The guy pushing the stroller looks like he can move luggage at a hotel. Do I see a second job coming?

Anonymous said...

"What about" not "at about" sorry for the spelling error.