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Sunday, July 27, 2008

We Finally Conquered!!

Finally, we made it to our destination point! Four hikes in a week, and this is our first to actually reach our destination place! Yesterday we headed back out to the Ernie Maxwell trail in Idyllwild to finish what we started last week. It is so incredibly beautiful here, I can't believe it is only 13 miles from my home! The scenery is completely different that it is at my house.

I think this is the most beautiful of the hikes we've done. Also the easiest. The trails were very well maintained and it basically was a beautiful nature walk rather than a strenuous hike, but the beauty of it made it my favorite so far!

The trail was just full of trees which kept it pretty well shaded the whole way.

Just a few minutes into the walk, the kids saw this squirrel curry up a tree, so cute, but what was hilarious was that once he was in the tree and started "yelling" at us. He gave us an ear full! On the way back down, in the same tree, what I am pretty sure was the same squirrel started yelling at us again, and even threw a pine cone at us!

Of course any good hike for us includes the panda pack!

There were lots of big, beautiful boulders along the way. keep scrolling down, and they'll be some even bigger than this one!

The scenery was once again just breathtaking!

It was all so pretty and green, but yet such a variety of scenery along the way. I could have spent all day taking photos! This hike has really made me want a good "real" camera. Right now, I 've been using my teens little digital, but at least I've been able to capture some beauty and good memories...

I really wish this one didn't come out so blurry, this was such a beautiful spot, with the hallowed out trees.

The close up views of Tahquitz Rock are just so unbelievably awe inspiring, just more evidence of the handy work of a magnificent Creator!

Parts of the trail were almost dark because of the thick trees. I just can't get over how beautiful the whole trail was! I would love to live there, even in a tent! To be surrounded by that much beauty every day, just imagine!

We stopped and ate our dinner at Humber Park and the boys had a little fun exchanging back packs! The youngest insisted he wanted to carry the 30lb pack his big brother totes along each trip. And older brother, had to have a little fun with the whole thing!

You've all probably suspected it, so here's the confession along with photographic evidence that I am a bonafide tree hugger! I was actually caught hugging more than one tree this day!

My oldest son spotted this moss on a rock that actually looks like a facial profile, pretty cool! He is much more observant than myself!

This tree stump is totally cool! I didn't get the angle right for you to see that from the front is is a good 12 or more feet from the ground!

I so wanted to get a picture of myself doing "tree pose" on a tree, only problem, I am terribly, and I mean terribly afraid of heights! I did manage to get up there, even stood for a second or two, but to balance on one foot was more than I could bare. I seem to be getting better though, a year or so ago I wouldn't have even tried! I am determined to get over this fear!

Anyway, I did manage to sit for a moment and hubby captured the look of terror in my face as I climbed up!

My son clearly does not suffer from the same fear of heights that I do! I can't believe he went all the way up there!

That just about wrapped up our day. It sure felt good to complete the trail this time. Tuesday we head back out to the Ramona Trail to try and finish it at least to Tool Box Springs, although time is not on our side, so we'll have to see. Then over the next week or so, we hope to explore some new areas.

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Jan said...

What a fantastic way to spend a summer day! Out in nature, with breathtaking vistas, the sound of bird calls, and getting a good workout.
It's been awhile since I skated around to visit all my friends blogs. Life's been so busy. Blogging hasn't had much of priority. was fun to check in and see that you're doing well.
Blessings, Jan