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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Company, Cleaning, Kittens and Kids....Oh, and Coughs and Colds Too!

How's that for a long title? It's long like my week feels like it's been and it's only Tuesday! Yikes!

On Sunday we had some out of town visitors coming for a short stay. We had been looking forward to this visit for sometime and I anxiously went into my frantic cleaning mode. There are six of us in this small 1245 sq.ft house. That's not counting the four dogs, now 2 cats, bird, mouse, and even a snake . So no matter how hard I try, the house nearly always looks cluttered. I was stressing a bit over it when I found THIS link on another blog and realized I am not the only one who suffers from an unrealistic ideal of cleanliness.

Comforting as that may have been the reality was for the next few days not only was I going to go into overdrive trying to keep tidy, I had to fit five more people in here, making it ELEVEN humans in this tiny house!! Luckily we have a tiny "guest house" which is really more of a converted glorified workshop with a nice paint job and a futon! But it worked out fine!

I worried over nothing, they weren't concerned about the size or cleanliness of my home. They were just glad to be on vacation and away from their own worries for a few days I suppose. It helped that their three children were so sweet and well behaved. It is a rare occurrence these days to find well mannered children who are actually enjoyable to be around. Good job mom and dad!

A big part of this visit was the arrival of our newest family member. Finally I will get to share this house with another female. See, since our dear dog died last week I once again have been the only female. The humans are all male, the one cat was a male, the dogs are male, the bird, the mouse, and while I can't quite prove it, I am sure even the snake is a male.

I am already totally in love with this cute little girl! Her name is Samantha. We had picked her out via a photo online months ago, but we really didn't know when we would be getting her. The timing couldn't have been more perfect! While Samantha can never replace our sweet Tasha who we lost last week, she sure provides a nice distraction in our grieving process.

I was so worried that my spoiled Neko kitty would bully her, and he is SO much bigger than her, but it is quite the opposite. SHE bullies him!! She chased him all the way up the stairs hissing and growling, and he was terrified!

During all of this company, cleaning and new kitty cats we also came down with colds. Maybe a "cold" is too mild a word or description for how I feel. I am miserable. But luckily it waited to inflict me too terribly until our guests packed up and left this morning. So now I sit here sipping on Theraflu hoping maybe I can be able to breathe well enough to sleep for a bit tonite! Hopefully it wont totally knock me out just incase the baby wakes up in the middle of the night needing me. Everyone else packed up and headed off camping for Boy Scouts today, leaving me alone, suffering with the baby(whine, whine)

It's not all bad as I have a new soft snuggly friend to cuddle up with! She even purrs! I can't think of better medicine!

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