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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dr. Mom??

It just occurred to me that I hadn't updated those of you I only know here in blogger land or other places on the web about my sons first of several appointments at the burn clinic.

Actually, there isn't alot new or exciting to report. The foam patch thingy they have on can't be removed until it's been on for 7 days total, so they only "peeked" under a corner to check it out a little. But they say all looks well and is going good!

He has been oozing quite a bit which concerned me, but they assured me that is normal and part of the healing. The only problem is it is pretty gross and getting over all of his clothing, leaving behind stains.

So they showed me how to re-bandage all but the foam pad which is off limits! They provided me with lots of supplies, which is a good thing considering I've already had to change him twice since Tuesday and we are only on Thursday!

I thought I would share a bit of how he is bandaged, and show this foam thing which I am fascinated with. I forgot the name, but as we told each Dr. or nurse that he's had no pain, they seemed quite surprised until they found out he has this thing, then they say "oh, that's why!"

Here's the foam patch thing:

From what I understand it has all sorts of good medicine in it to help with pain and prevent infection. All I can say is it seems to be doing it's job because he has had very little pain at all. He doesn't like this exposed though, and gets inpatient waiting for the first layer of bandaging to go back on:

This is just a thick gauze roll out bandaging. Then comes this:

More gauze, but this is a quite a bit thinner. There is actually one more gauze layer but he begged me not to put it on this time, as he found it uncomfortable. It wasn't necessary anyway, they just put it on Tuesday, hoping it would catch some more of the seepage before it runs unto his clothing. Finally the ace bandage finishes it all off:

Now can you believe through ALL of those layers, he is still managing to soak through and stain his clothing? YUCK!!

So the plan for now is he is to return to the burn clinic Saturday. If all looks well when they remove the foam pad, they will leave it off and provide creams for us to apply and just bandage him up. He may have to get another foam pad on, it just depends.

So far so good. Everything has gone very smooth and he seems to be healing up just fine. We are just amazed at how well everything has turned out so far.

I have to say the people at the burn clinic are great! I believe it is a teaching hospital which means he sees lots of people each time we go, but they have all been really friendly and helpful, and have gone out of their way to make him comfortable and keep his mind off his burn. I am not happy about the over three hour drive(it should only be a little over two, but you gotta love LA traffic!) and the hospital itself is a bit different than what we're used to, but all of that is worth it for the kind of care he is receiving.

I will post more about him on Saturday when he goes in again.


Red said...

And I thought my 7 hour back surgery was bad...he wins!

Hope all is going well and he gets better soon.

jandjsoulmates said...

We're praying that his appointment goes well tomorrow! (((((hugs)))) to you and to him! Tell him that the kids are all concerned and hope that he's back to his normal active self again soon!