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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Getting Ready

We start back to school next week on Tuesday. We are excited and nervous all at once. As I shared here before, after 11 years of mostly private homeschooling, this year we are diving into public virtual charter schooling.

We still school at home, but the main difference is we have school/government oversight. The school provides us all materials free of charge, but the trade off is we give up some of our freedom to do things our own way and agree to state testing and such.

For years we considered this option, but never liked the trade-off much. This year I actually welcome the oversight and guidance. Finances are what helped us make this decision initially, but as time has gone on I have become quite comfortable with what we are giving up and what we are getting.

I am still an avid advocate of private homeschooling and feel done correctly this is the best option for most who want to school at home, but for two of my children's needs for now this is the best option for us. I have one who may need a little extra "help" and this is a way to be sure he gets it, and I have another who I feel is highly intelligent and wonder if I've held him back when perhaps he could soar under the correct encouragement and guidance.

I still have one who will be privately homeschooled. He is graduating this year and for all but one year has been schooled at home privately since first grade. I would like to see him finish up that way.

Both boys enrolled in the new school have been quite excited since finishing up their online "orientation." Today my older child's homeroom teacher called and he is rather shy, he doesn't even talk to his friends on the phone(he has little brother call) so he froze and kind of freaked out and now is saying he doesn't want to do this school! I think once he gets going he will be fine, and meanwhile we are going to work with him on getting over his shyness on the phone by doing practice phone calls with immediate family, eventually friends, and then hopefully he'll be more comfortable talking to his teachers.

My little guy is rearin' and ready to go! He has been doing some lessons early and working in his workbooks. He just can't wait!

Here's a sampling of what they sent us so far:

On the left is my 6th graders materials. Mostly texts and some supplies. I am impressed with the History text and think the others will be fine. On the right is my third graders materials. Texts as well, but quite a massive supply of workbooks, especially for Language Arts. I am impressed with the quality of all but fear he may be a little overwhelmed. He really struggles with reading and spelling, and I thought being public school material it would be "dumbed down" compared to our homeschool materials, but it's NOT!! It is up there. I am pleasantly surprised to see such quality and expectations from public school to be honest! We are going to give it our best shot and hope for the best!

I am sure I will post updates throughout the year on our progress and experiences with public homeschooling. It is a change for us, but in many ways a welcome one!

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appleleaf said...

This sounds like a great option that I wish we could have over here too. But only students who have some medical reason or live in inaccessible areas are really eligible.
Whoa, that burn looks sore! I hope he's still coping OK. You're right, accidents can happen very suddenly and the aftermath can drag on for ages.