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Saturday, August 30, 2008


I watched a movie last night called Idiocracy. Now I wish I could say it was a good movie or even freely recommend it, but.... well, I do recommend it, but with caution. It is pretty raunchy, foul language, sexual, etc...BUT it makes some interesting points which makes it worth watching(definitely an adult movie, not for little eyes and ears!)

Without giving away the whole movie, it is about a guy and gal who get frozen and then awoken some 500 or so years later and wake up to a "dumbed" down society. I mean way dumbed down! These people can't talk properly, take care of their trash, grow food, etc...what made this movie worth watching is that sadly I do believe our future could slightly(or maybe not so slightly) resemble this someday if we allow it to!

Alot of the movies humour is truly in bad taste and I warn you of this ahead of time. While raunchy it almost had to be to make the point it was trying to make. It was almost a Beevis and Butthead society, which if societal trends follow Hollywood as they often do, perhaps this movie really isn't too far fetched at all!

One of our favorite lines was when the main character was sending the girl back to their time he tells her "tell them to read, keep reading!" I think that one line really should be heeded. It is the dumbing down and watering down of our educations, and even our TV and Movie viewing, our literature and such things as we feed our minds on that could make a future such as depicted in this movie a sad reality.

On a slightly similar note...I recently found this Blog. Recently THIS was posted. GREAT post! Alot of similar thoughts to those posted above, things we should all be doing anyway; staying educated, limited TV viewing, knowing our own rights, he even recommends Homeschooling! etc...take the time to check it out!

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