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Monday, August 4, 2008

"It's Christians I Can't Stand"

Christian or not....ever feel that way? I am a Christian, and I know I sure do sometimes. That's why when someone on my favorite online hangout suggested the book; "I'm Fine With God, It's Christians I Can't Stand", I just couldn't resist! I immediately put it on hold at the library. I finally got time today to read it and found it a quick and easy, and totally amusing, yet sadly true read.

The book was actually written by fellow Christians, hard to believe with a title like that, but I think they are just expressing what many today feel. They aren't talking about ALL Christians, just the ones that seem to manage to make the headlines and everyone assumes represent us all. You know, the abortion clinic protesters, funeral protesters of anyone who doesn't fit their image of a "true christian"(anyone who doesn't go to their church most likely) the fellows trying to take your money on TV, and all the others who give us all a bad name!

It's not just the fanatics though, even some of the more mellow, centered Christians can give off anything but a Christ like image with all the finger pointing and judgments.

The first chapter I was laughing hysterically, even though much of what was said was sadly true, it was funny. The second chapter I hate to admit I think I saw myself in some of the statements. Many of the things I would admit to a few years back, not so much now, but it was still an "ouch" moment. Just in case your curious, it was the chapter titled " I can't stand Christians who are paranoid", and while I admit to being a bit paranoid, I think it's just my nature, not so much my Christianity. If I were a Buddhist, I'd be a paranoid one, a Hindu...same thing. If I were a follower of Islam, I'd be a paranoid Muslim. I am just a bit paranoid! Still, it hurt to think they pegged me so well, and it wasn't very flattering!!

The following chapters were less funny, and more serious, but continued to point out where we as Christians can do more harm than good when we try to bash people over the head with our beliefs on science, prosperity, end times and more.

My only complaint about this book, is that I feel the only people that are going to read and appreciate this book are other Christians who feel the same way, or non-believers who do. Isn't that preaching to the choir? Those that should read it and maybe take a cue are those that probably never will, or if they do will be so offended they wont learn a thing from it but rather protest at the authors funeral when the time comes!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you really make me want to read all sorts of books. This book sounds very interesting. I grew up Catholic, so I know the whole saying "one can ruin it for the many". Your blog is great by the way. I just wish you would post more often!!! LOL!

The Cooking Lady said...

I am a person of no faith, and I am fine with that. I am happy in and with my life. I do not feel empty.

And many of my friends call themselves Christians. But believe you me, they do not lead Christian lives. How do I know this...I was raised a Christian, so I know the rules.

There are people who call themselves Christians that I would not invite over to my home. And this is how I view Christians and life in general.

When you are dead and gone, what are people 'really' going to say about you? Will it be good things, but then followed by the real spiteful things they truly feel about you, or will the comments be genuinely good comments/memories?

I know that when I leave this Earth, wheter it be today or people will say good things about me. I try my best to do the right thing. I pay my taxes, don't run red lights, give back extra change that was given to me in error. So I know I am remembered well.

But so many times I hear this line, "Well, he/she comes from a good Christian home/family."

Well clue in folks, coming from or being a Christian, does not make you a good person. And that is what aggrivates me. They assume that if you come from a Christian home, everything is a bed of roses.

I think not. There have been many a good Chrisitan men who have admitted to partaking in prostitution and then begged for forgiveness. And recently John Edwards (Who I liked tremendously) admitted to having an affair whilst his wife was going through cancer. Heeeellllooo. Give me a break.

So I through out the 'I am a Christian,' reference a long time ago. For it does nto hold up in my book.

There are good and bad in everyone...Christians, Muslims, Jews, Athiests, the list goes on. You should be judged on merit, not what you tout as your religious belief.

Sorry I got off on a tangen, and I will now put my soapbox away!!