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Friday, August 1, 2008

My Picks

I mentioned yesterday that I would come back and post some Yoga DVDs. There are many to choose from and some are much better than others. I have tried more than I can count and out of all of those there are about a handful I either use semi-regularly or would bother recommending to anybody else...

For those that are looking for something "Christian" out of the ones I am familiar with there are only two I recommend. One is Yoga Prayer and the other is Yahweh Yoga

Out of the two I personally prefer Yahweh Yoga, I just prefer the flow of that one, but both are good. There are other "Christian Alternatives" to yoga DVDs out there but I didn't and wont list them here. The makers of these DVDs are usually behind all the negative comments you hear in regards to Christians practicing Yoga, and I wont support that. If you are truly interested in such programs you can Google "christian alternatives to yoga" and you will find them fairly easily I am sure!

While I enjoy and occasionally use the above selections, I must admit, while I am a Christian, the DVDs and styles I prefer are not necessarily "Christian" but there is also nothing in them that would be offensive to devout Christians, or that one should have an issue with. These are the ones I use regularly since having to give up going to class due to our current financial crisis...

I really enjoy most anything by Rodney Yee.

I really enjoy his style. He has a very soothing voice and his style is a bit more relaxing and meditative than some of my other picks. I always feel so relaxed after doing one of his DVDs! It doesn't hurt that he is quite pleasing to the eye(or so I've been told by other ladies, of course I only have eyes for my dear husband!)

I really like David Swenson as well.

I really appreciate that he takes the time to show you alternatives to each pose depending on your level, and each of these is shown without outside props. This is how I learned from my instructor, and the way I prefer. The video above is one I use often. There is no background music(which I must admit I miss, I really like soothing flutes or something, but that's just my preference) On that note: this is my favorite yoga music CD that I practice to often, or listen to when the mood strikes.

My current favorite Yoga DVD is by Baron Baptiste

His style is what I would consider a little more "athletic" than most and a bit less reflective, which neither is my preference, but I am enjoying the level 2 DVD VERY much right now! It is a great workout, and his verbal cues are some of the best out there! He too, shows alternative positions based on your level and is constantly reminding you to do what you can do and to work the edge but not push too hard. He really explains the positions much better than any I've ever seen/heard.

There are many more out there, but these are the ones I have come to trust and rely on most over the years. I also prefer many days to do my own flow with just the CD mentioned above, but some days I need the motivation of someone else moving me along, which is when videos can come in handy!

I wanted to share a couple of neat sites I found while googling "Christians and yoga" the usual negative ones appeared, but I was surprised to find a couple of positive ones this time! Christian Yoga Magazine is really neat and I spent a little time over there the other day and hope to find more time this weekend to explore it a bit more! Neat resource!! The other I actually found following a link from Christian Yoga Magazine; Light on Christian Yoga.

While visiting the websites of my favorite picks to grab links I found this Q&A article by David Swenson about a Christian practicing yoga and I really appreciated his answer.

It was refreshing to find a few positive mentions of Christians and Yoga, sadly they were in the minority, but it's a start!

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