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Sunday, August 3, 2008

On This Day

Seventeen years ago today I gave birth to this here good looking guy.

Of course he didn't look like that then, but I don't have any baby picture of him loaded on my computer. We didn't even have a home PC all the way back then, boy he's old!

Well, that particular day, just happened to be this good looking guys birthday as well.

For those of you that don't know this one here is my husband. Now you would think a guy such as him would be thrilled to have his first born son born on his very own birthday. Not the case. At least not back then. See, we had a "date" to go see Terminator II that night, well obviously we missed it. And he was sure to remind me of that fact several times during the birthing process! It's a joke now, we laugh about it every year about this time, not so funny then.

It seemed everyone had someplace to be that day, and was in a rush for me to push this kid out! See, my dear mother in law had tickets to take our daughter and a few of her other grandchildren to Disneyland and to a dinner theater for dinner. They had to be at the dinner theater(about 2-3 hours from the hospital) at a certain time or they'd lose the pricey tickets they had pre-paid for! So I was constantly being told to hurry up and get it done with!!

I think the birth of this child was the weekend entertainment this day though, as my husbands young sister and new boyfriend came in to sit on the sofa in the birthing room during one of the more active parts of labor, and just stayed visiting. I think I had up to 15 people in the room at one point, some who I didn't even know!! Luckily my mother(bless her soul) had a short temper and quickly cleared the joint!

My young daughter got tired of waiting and went to an aunts house to rest. Brilliant aunt gave daughter aspirin which she was allergic to! So guess who was a guest in the ER of the same hospital I was giving birth to her brother at!

In the end it all turned out fine, I got a handsome young son, the others got off to Disneyland just fine, daughters eyes eventually opened after being swollen shut from the aspirin, sister in law married the boyfriend, and husband got what I would consider the best birthday gift of all! Of course we never did see Terminator II until it came out on VHS several years later(no DVD yet!)

So, happy birthday to you both! Hope you enjoy your day today much better than I did mine 17 years ago. I see it only fitting that you two go share a movie today to celebrate the occasion, enjoy!

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