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Monday, August 18, 2008

A Screwed Up System

I was typing a reply to a response left on my last posting, and it got terribly long, so I thought perhaps I would just write about it here instead!

I was sharing how we shouldn't be so quick to judge others, but just love them as God would love them. I stand by that 100 % !! I happened to use as an example the many people at the social services office I was at that day. That is a place where many judgements can easily be made! I still feel we need to remember that it is easy to be angry at a group; "abusers of the system", "illegals who manage to get benefits that citizens can't" and many other stereotypical groups. It is OK not to love such groups, it is OK to get angry at them. But within each group there are individuals, and I still feel we are to love each individual and not be quick to make judgements on the individual based on the group as a whole. BUT....that isn't necessarily where I want to go with this today...

My beef, as well as the responder to the last post really is with a system, not an individual person or even a group of people. The system in place is so messed up I don't even know where to begin!

I don't know the whole history of the Welfare system, nor do I have the time or desire to research it, but I do know what it has become and it is a disgrace! There are many, many people who have figured out how to abuse the system and do so for their whole lives. Many who have never worked a day in their lives, yet they are receiving money that you and I worked for and paid taxes with. I got a good chain type email on that subject one day. It mentioned how you or I have to take drug tests at our places of employment in order to keep our jobs and receive a pay check. Yet those on welfare who receive some of our hard earned money don't!! Where is the fairness there? I flunk a drug test I lose my job and money, yet the bozo who is dealing on the side and using welfare to pad his or her income doesn't even have to submit to a drug test???? That is the first thing I would change if I could reform the system.

The other thing is that welfare should be more of a "workfare" type system. Sure, if you recently lost your job and you need a helping hand for a few months, that is one thing. But to just keep collecting checks and not working for years and years, generations and generations, is quite another. After 3-6 months of required job hunting and perhaps classes in job hunting skills, the recipients should be required to work for their checks. You and I work for ours, why shouldn't they?? Perhaps they could take those jobs the illegal immigrants now fill? That could potentially solve two problems at once? The recipients would be working and earning their benefit checks, and perhaps the illegal problem would be cut down on a little as there would be less work for them. But, hey, while I think our illegal alien issue is a big problem you have to admit, at least they are working for what they earn...another post for another time.

Another thing that I would want to change is that the qualifications be the same for everyone. Everyone should qualify for benefits or be turned down for benefits based on the same requirements, period. See, several years ago, my husband lost his job, we had two kids. One a baby who had been hospitalized for a serious illness, and myself hospitalized shortly after. We had no money coming in and a pile of bills that couldn't be paid, not to mention an empty pantry and fridge. We very reluctantly went to apply for some assistance. We were rejected as we hadn't been out of work for three months yet(???) We were literally walking out of the workers office when she called us back. "Rameriz? Your mothers last name is Rameriz?" "Oh, you do qualify after all." So nothing had changed in that few brief moments other than a last name and our ethnicity and all of a sudden all of the doors opened for us. That is just wrong! Qualification should be based on true need, not a last name or a box marked something other than "Caucasian"

This is just the tip of the iceberg of my gripes with a system that does more harm than good. These are just a few of the things I would change if given the chance.

While I still hold firm in my belief to love and not judge, that is for individual people, not for groups who abuse and certainly not for government systems that are so screwed up that those that need help never get it, and are rejected because they actually worked once in their lives automatically disqualifying them(????) or the color of their skin or their mothers maiden name(???) Love that?? NO!! Judge that?? YES!! The system needs to be scrutinized and judged and changes need to be made!

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The Cooking Lady said...

Did you get in my head and pull my thoughts to this post. this is exactly how I feel. I know I got a bit heated in my last comment, but like you, we too have been turned down for governemnt assistance, any and all of them.

Now let me get this straight. I am borrowing every single month form my in-laws to pay my mortgage as well as my son, and I have bill collectors calling me every single day, there are no jobs for my husband to find as a secodn job and we don't qualify?

Like Tara said, the system is totally messed up. I have sat in the governemnt offices and know for a fact that there are cheaters out there. The lady who put our information into the system said that people do it all the time. "They know how to work the system." Is how she described it. Those are cheaters, in my opinion. And I am not a vengeful person, but you reap what you sow...what goes around comes around, and it will all catch up to you some day, somewhere.

Thanks for posting this(Wink)