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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sometimes It Takes A Five Year Old...

I have shared many times that my family sponsors a young girl through Compassion International. I enjoy getting her letters, sadly she writes us far more often than we write her. I am working on changing that!

I love reading the letters aloud to the family. They give a glimpse into a whole other world that seems so far away from here. A life that one can hardly imagine. Our little sponsored girl is only five years old, yet she carries the burden and worries of an adult. Yet she also has a selflessness that I rarely see in many children OR adults in our own culture.

She has many worries, yet she doesn't fret about them, she prays and asks for prayers. She tries to work hard in school in hopes of getting a job and helping her family. Keep in mind this is a FIVE year old girl! Does your five your old worry about such things?

We sent a seemingly small cash gift for her recent birthday, and she spent all but a few pennies on a pig to raise and sell the offspring to raise money for her family. The few remaining pennies were spent on sweet treats to share with her brother. I don't know about your kids, but if mine were given some birthday spending money, they'd be off to buy the latest action figure and certainly wouldn't be concerned about getting something to share with brother! But this little girl used her gift from us, to gift her family.

We still struggle financially, but as I've mentioned before, our struggles are quite a bit different than this sweet little girls struggles. I just feel like an idiot sometimes that it takes a five year old to help me keep things in perspective!!

I can't recommend enough helping a child through an organization like Compassion. There are others out there, but this is the one I feel most strongly about. It costs a few dollars a month, but what you get back in return is priceless! I am nearly in tears as I read her prayers for us, can you believe, she prays for us?? And not just a general, "praying for you" she gives specific prayers! Again, I have to remind myself, this child is only five years old! The knowledge that our small monthly gifts to her will make a difference in this bright, caring, little girls life is also priceless. I hope if you don't already, you would consider sponsoring a child through Compassion or another organization that you feel strongly about. I know we thought about it for sometime before we actually acted on it. Thinking about it is a good start, but if you've considered it, perhaps now would be a good time to act upon it?

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