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Monday, August 25, 2008

Sometimes Things Just Happen

Daniels recent "accident" brought up some interesting responses from people and provoked some deep thinking in me.

It seems that many have a hard time believing an accident can be just that, an accident. Not everything has to have a reason, or even a place to place blame.

Not everything is a "test" from God or an "attack" from Satan. Sometimes things really do just happen, no reason, no lessons, no higher powers playing checkers with our lives, things just happen.

I heard a slightly disturbing rumour that someone wanted to use my sons burnt T-Shirt as an "example." An example of what I am not sure. It may be appropriate to use as an example of what fire could do. But do we really want to show my sons young friends this shirt? I know I never want to see the thing again, why re-hash something so terrible? An "example" of what else? How somebody did something wrong? There was no wrong done here. I have been assured Daniel wasn't goofing off or not paying attention(as he's been known to do!) I was assured Dad was watching Daniel, it just happened, period. No blame to place on anybody.

Let's pretend there was blame to place(Which I know for a fact, there isn't!)but let's just pretend for a minute. What good would it do? Is it going to make Daniels burn go away? Is it going to make anybody feel any better? I don't think so. I guess it is human nature to try and place blame somewhere, but in a case as something such as this, it really doesn't solve or change anything.

Way more was done right in this situation than done wrong. My husbands quick thinking prevented this from being way worse than it was. Daniels calmness helped everyone involved in treating him. The fire department that first responded was wonderful! All of the Dr.s and nurses were wonderful as well.

This brought many people together. We had people of ALL faiths praying(God listens to EVERYONE's prayers!) we had people send well wishes and good thoughts. To see so many people of so many backgrounds come together to rally around someone they care about was amazing!

So was this anybodies fault? NOPE? Was this Satan attacking our family? OK. I am trying to contain my laughter....was this God testing or challenging me? I don't think I worship a God that would allow one of His precious children to be so severely hurt for such a reason. Is there any reason my burned sons T-shirt should be used to teach any lesson? I think not, the only lesson I learned is sometimes bad things happen to good people. I learned that God hears the prayers of all people, not just those from brand X church. I learned we have many great friends, a wonderful church family, and Daniel is one loved little boy. Is a T-Shirt going to teach all of that?

I would like to see that shirt burnt, and pray I or my family never have to see it again! The lessons learned from this accident have nothing to do with that shirt, and everything to do with a loving God, caring friends and family, and a renewed faith!


Red said...

Me not being a person of faith, I beleive more in the Law of Attraction. It is more on the lines of what goes around...comes around. Please do not mistake this as something your son did and this was his payback.

My theory on life in general is, you think negative, you will get negative. You think positive, you will get positive.

And in that equation there is a section for random happenstance. There are accidents, and they happen...end of discussion. I agree with you, there is not always a lesson to be learned. If I stub my toe, is going to teach me what lesson, other than wearing shoes. But there is not going to be some ground breaking lesson to be learned by me stubbing my toe.

Great post!

Anonymous said...

I do know that the shirt Daniel was wearing was put into the trash the day it was burned.

Tara B. said...

Thank you! That is good to know. While we have opted to try and find the positives in all of this, the truth is it was/is rather traumatic for all of us and the less there is to remind us, the better!