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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Well, I just got the call from my husband who took Daniel in to his appointment at the burn clinic this morning. Everything still seems to be going well, but we did discover he had more third degree areas than we have thought this whole time.

The white areas are 3rd degree. At first we thought it was just the kind of charred or scabby looking area right on his spine there.

They did remove the foam pad, and are going to leave it off, as now they want it to "breathe." They gave us a cream which is suppose to be the same as what was in the pad, and more bandaging. So each day he is to bathe to get the cream off, only to put it back on and bandage back up! They don't want the ace bandage any longer as again, they want it to "breathe."

He goes back in to the burn clinic on Thursday. The low grade fever we've been concerned with since last night is "normal" they say. Which is reassuring I suppose.

So, whether this is all good news or bad(because of the 3rd degree areas) I honestly am not quite sure, but it's news. My husband assures me they feel this is all going well still, so I am going to take comfort in that. I will update after his appointment Thursday.

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