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Friday, August 22, 2008

When You Play With Fire

Okay, I'll be the first to admit, probably not the most appropriate title considering.....but I can't really think of an appropriate title for this day.

It was one of the harder days I've had as a mother, one I'd soon rather forget, but one that will never escape my memory. Yet it has had it's shares of blessings as well.

I got woken up to a phone call from my husband this morning alerting me to the fact that my youngest had "a little bit of an accident." They were at the fire department getting the situation evaluated. It seems early in the morning my son managed to back up into the camp fire/cook stove and catch his shirt on fire. Due to my husbands calmness I didn't feel too alarmed even when the fire department decided to transport my son to the hospital via ambulance. As I got more of the story I started to worry a little.

At the first hospital it was determined my son should stay overnight at least for observation and blood work. Our lovely insurance though decided to have him moved to a burn unit that they contract with in downtown LA which is 2 and 1/2 hours away from our home, if there's no traffic! So they provided basic treatment at the first hospital including scrubbing the melted T-Shirt out of his skin and sent him in yet another ambulance to the second hospital.

At the second hospital they checked him in and admitted him right away still assuming based on the first assessment he would be staying AT LEAST overnight. Meanwhile waiting for the new Dr. to come evaluate my son, my husband sent the following picture to me, I guess hoping it would ease my mind, perhaps thinking I was thinking the burn was worse than what it was:

In all honesty, I never imagined it looked quite like that! Ease my mind? Not quite...make me want to cry and give me even more guilt for not being there(I had 3 kids at home to watch) YES!!

Surprisingly and pleasantly enough, this Dr. felt that we could do here at home, what they would do there. They put a foam type patch and secured it with an ace bandage and said that whether he stayed there or came home that patch isn't coming off till Tuesday due to the risk of infection. If he complains of pain they would provide medicine. Other than that it is just checking his temperature for high fever. All things that can be done here. So they released him! We do have to go back Tuesday all the way to LA for follow-up.

By the time he got cleaned up and sent home to me he looked like this:


I have to admit that many things lately have challenged and shaken my faith in God and my fellow man lately, today could have done the same, but rather it renewed my faith in both!

First, the burn could have been much worse. It looks bad, I am sure it will give him some pain, but the Dr's said that usually once a child's clothes catch fire, the burns are much worse. It was my husbands smart thinking to "stop, drop and roll" that prevented it from being much worse. Usually most children will run, causing the fire to spread.

Second, we started the day with a hospital stay of at least one day but perhaps more, and here he is home with us!

Third, our son has not felt ANY pain. A little stinging here and there, but no pain what so ever. The Dr.s were amazed.

We had literally hundreds of people praying for him, churches, online friends, friends in our community and more. I am pretty convinced it was those prayers that helped this situation to turn out as well as it did.

Fourth, we had an outpouring of love and support from friends, church members and even people I have never met in real life. Several people offered help, child care, even a place to stay if needed. It is a kind of support we honestly have never felt before, and while the situation was terrible, the feeling of caring and love was quite comforting.

We still have a ways to go in the physical healing process, but we are very grateful it all has turned out as well as it has thus far.


The Cooking Lady said...

Whew, I got goose flesh reading this. When I was an older teen, something similar happened to my sister while I was with her. And I too thought quicklly and was able to save her from severe scarring.

I am glad your son is all right and I will be sending good throughts your way, and hope he has a speedy and safe recovery!

Katybeth said...

So yesterday when I signed on to myspace Dt's status read "is praying for Daniel who got burned in a camp fire." I started cryign and frantically called Dt to find out what was going on. I'm so glad to hear he's going to be ok! Dan and I were so worried and prayed alot for you guys yesterday! If you need anything please please let us know. If you need a place to stay on your way to LA or if you want to make it a fun trip and visit D-land while your up here let me know! Kb

shourtneyakafunsized said...

hey aunt Terra it is courtney how are you wow that is really bad i hope he gets beter how is the baby? i really enjoy reading about you life and family!!!!