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Friday, September 26, 2008

Cats and Yoga

I thought my Neko kitty was just trying to be a pain, as each time I do yoga, that is the time he wants to come and be affectionate. He is rarely an affectionate cat, but unroll the yoga mat and get in a head stand and he is right there wrapping himself around your neck!

Then we get a new cat a month or two back and she does the same thing! Now, she is always affectionate, but take out the yoga mat and she is ALL over you! She has even jumped on my back end while I'm in downward dog!

So, I started thinking my cats aren't too weird after all and perhaps there is just something about yoga that brings out the best in our furry feline friends. Today out of curiosity, I started searching the web to see if this was a common trait and I found this video:

Too funny, but very much what doing yoga in my house is like. Perhaps one of these days one of my late sleeping kids will get up early enough to get a video or photo of my yogi kitties!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm Feeling Warm and Fuzzy

What has it been? An hour and a half since my last post stating I wasn't feeling warm and fuzzy over that vicious psycho kitty kitty?

Well, as mentioned she is currently kept in the one and only bathroom we have, so in order to take a shower I had to endure this beast. The little mews and purring just melted my heart. I am such a softie! She is still quite skittish, but she's warming up to us, and the mother in me is kicking in to over drive! Of course it's not my heart she has to win over, it's the man of the house. Of course he is the first one who was able to pet her and pick her up without getting attacked, so who knows?

Look What The Cat Drug In.....

Or more appropriately titled: Look At The Cat I Drug In...

What an adventurous day to say the least. This morning we heard chaos down in the chicken coop, but I just figured the dogs were harassing them. A few hours later the kids ran in and told me there was a kitten in the coop. Now, you have to understand where we live it is quite rare to see a cat outdoors. If anyone keeps a cat, they keep them indoors as we have coyotes, mountain lions, owls, eagles and many other predators. So, if a cat is outdoors it usually doesn't last the night.

So, when the kids told me this story I didn't believe them, I thought they were pulling my leg or mistaken, perhaps they saw a squirrel or raccoon? Well, my oldest ran out to investigate and minutes later called saying, yes indeed, there is a kitten in the coop. He tried to catch it but it ran off. I ran down to investigate and spent some time trying to locate it with no luck.

I set up a little homemade safe trap to try and catch it as I was worried if we didn't get it indoors it would be a tasty treat for some wild animal. Several hours I went to check and I heard a faint meowing in our ran down ex-tack shed. It was clear this little kitten did not want to be caught. I called my oldest son down and we spent the next several hours trying to catch this little tiny critter.

I finally got her by the scruff of the neck and she seemed friendly enough so I went to pet her and she went psycho on me and bit me!! Hard! From then on she was hissing and growling the whole way up to the house.

We put her up in the bathroom until we could evaluate her and determine whether or not she(0r he, I never looked) is healthy before letting her in the main parts of the house where our other cats roam. She doesn't look all that great, but who knows how long she has been out doors. I did notice a rather large dead something in the corner of the tack shed, and at the time assumed it was a raccoon or something. We are now wondering if it is a cat and her mother, I plan on investigating that tomorrow. I am curious if there may be more around. We are now also wondering if this is where all of our eggs have been going as we haven't been getting any and have found some cracked open with all of the insides missing. She couldn't have done it as it appears she has been nursing until recently as she didn't know how to drink from a bowl until I put some milk on my finger than in the bowl. Perhaps mommy kitty was stealing the eggs?

The other concern is she isn't all that friendly. She attacked me, but maybe she was just scared as my husband who claims not to even like cats very much managed to pet her and get her purring. Then just now he was able to hold her!

The plan for now is to be sure she is healthy, get some meat on her bones(she is VERY thin) get her friendly and find her a good home. Anybody want a cat? We'd keep her, but we live in a teeny-tiny(not even 1200 sq ft) cabin with six of us, 2 indoor cats, and indoor dog, and 2 large mostly out door dogs, 2 mice, one parakeet and a snake, we just don't have the room! Plus after being so viciously attacked I can't say I am having warm fuzzy feelings toward her.

So, if you want a cute kitten and are in the S. California area, let me know!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Thoughts and Perspectives on Country Life...

While out walking in my neighborhood and the hills behind it a couple of long past emails came to mind. The first was brought to memory due to this photo I took of my driveway:

I painted an arrow pointing to my drive way, but it barely shows with the photo resized to fit here. Anyway, mines to the left just a ways up. Here's the email it made me think of:

What's mainly wrong with society today is that too many Dirt Roads have been paved.

There's not a problem in America today, crime, drugs, education, divorce, delinquency that wouldn't be remedied, if we just had more Dirt Roads, because Dirt Roads give character.

People that live at the end of Dirt Roads learn early on that life is a bumpy ride.
That it can jar you right down to your teeth sometimes, but it's worth it, if at the end is home...a loving spouse, happy kids and a dog.

We wouldn't have near the trouble with our educational system if our kids got their exercise walking a Dirt Road with other kids, from whom they learn how to get along.

There was less crime in our streets before they were paved.
Criminals didn't walk two dusty miles to rob or rape, if they knew they'd be welcomed by 5 barking dogs and a double barrel shotgun.
And there were no drive by shootings.
Our values were better when our roads were worse!

People did not worship their cars more than their kids, and motorists were more courteous, they didn't tailgate by riding the bumper or the guy in front would choke you with dust & bust your windshield with rocks.
Dirt Roads taught patience.

Dirt Roads were environmentally friendly, you didn't hop in your car for a quart of milk you walked to the barn for your milk.
For your mail, you walked to the mail box.

What if it rained and the Dirt Road got washed out? That was the best part, then you stayed home and had some family time, roasted marshmallows and popped popcorn and pony rode on Daddy's shoulders and learned how to make prettier quilts than anybody.

At the end of Dirt Roads, you soon learned that bad words tasted like soap.
Most paved roads lead to trouble, Dirt Roads more likely lead to a fishing creek or a swimming hole.

At the end of a Dirt Road, the only time we even locked our car was in August, because if we didn't some neighbor would fill it with too much zucchini.

At the end of a Dirt Road, there was always extra springtime income, from when city dudes would get stuck, you'd have to hitch up a team and pull them out.
Usually you got a dollar...always you got a new the end of a Dirt Road!

~by Paul Harvey~

The second was brought to mind while taking this photo of one of my favorite dogs:

One day a father and his rich family took his son to a trip to the country with the firm purpose to show him how poor people can be.
They spent a day and a night in the farm of a very poor family. When they got back from their trip the father asked his son, "How was the trip?"

"Very good Dad!"
"Did you see how poor people can be?" the father asked.
"And what did you learn?"

The son answered, "I saw that we have a dog at home, and they have four. We have a pool that reaches to the middle of the garden, they have a creek that has no end. We have imported lamps in the garden, they have the stars. Our patio reaches to the front yard, they have a whole horizon." When the little boy was finishing, his father was speechless.

His son added, "Thanks Dad for showing me how poor we are!"

It really is all a matter of perspective isn't it?? I know we don't have alot by many people standards, but I wouldn't trade my little house with lots of land and nature right out my back door, for all the tea in China!

Friday, September 19, 2008

He Calls Me_______?

It is no big secret that I am raising my grandchild. I suppose I am not too different from the many other grandparents raising grandchildren these days. It is sadly a growing trend. What does make me a little different is that I am still raising my own young children while raising my grandson.

When we first went to pick up my grandson he was four months old. He and his mother had been living with us most of those four months and only recently at that time moved to a different state. I don’t think it was more than 3-4 weeks before we got the call begging us to come get him. We thought then it would only be for a few weeks, maybe a couple of months at most. It has now been over 18 months and he is getting ready to celebrate his 2nd birthday in two months.

At first I called myself “Grandma” as that is who I am…or am I? This is where things get complicated, for him and us. We are all he really knows. He hasn’t seen his mother in 18 months. Being four months old when he last saw her, he really can’t have much memory of her, can he? I had always hoped and still do, that he would some day be reunited with his own mother , my daughter. Out of respect for her, and wanting to keep the boundaries clear, I kept myself “Grandma.” It worked, for a while.

At this point I still call myself Grandma, but he calls me many things; Ma-Ma, Mum-Mum, Oma, Mom, and….Mommy. Poor kid is confused, he hears me calling myself Grandma and reminding him that’s who I am, yet he hears his three uncles who he must see more as brothers call me Mom, or Mommy. Why he wonders can’t he too call me “Mommy?” You can see the look of disappointment on his face when I correct him. I quit correcting him recently, yet I still call myself…Grandma. How much longer this is going to work, I can’t say.

See, these are the things that don’t get thought about by parents asking their own parents to raise their children, either temporarily or longer. These are the things that don’t get talked about much. These are the things that get complicated and confusing when raising children that aren’t your own. When does the need of the child/grandchild become greater than the needs of the parent no longer raising that child? I love my daughter, and hope she can overcome the things she needs to in order to have her child with her, but in the meanwhile, what about him? What about us? What about my children who wonder if any day this nephew/brother of theirs could be ripped away from us?

We try and keep and respect boundaries, we try and keep our daughters feelings in mind when making decisions regarding her son, but who is thinking of his feelings, or even ours? I want him to know who his mom is and look forward to the day I can be Grandma, just Grandma, but what if that day never comes?

These questions have run deep for me for sometime now, but just the other day it really hit me. He was calling for me from his crib, and he went through the list of names, trying to get the right one to get my attention….Mum-Mum, Ma-Ma, Mom, then clear as day and quite deliberate…”Mommy” First like any parent it just melted my heart, “Mommy.” Isn’t that the day we all long for? To hear our child call us “Mommy?” But, I am not Mommy…or am I?
Who or what is a “Mommy”? Is it who gave birth to you and only pays parenthood lip service? Isn’t it, shouldn’t it be who gets up with you in the middle of the night when your tummy aches? Isn’t it who wipes the tears from your eyes and kisses your “owie” when you fall? Isn’t it who cheers you on as you take those first steps? Shouldn’t it be the one whose heart just melts at the sound of your sweet voice uttering the very word “Mommy?”

I really wish people would grow up and give a thought to their actions and how it effects others, especially when those others are innocent children, and those who are left there to pick up the pieces of their broken lives. It seems there are many out there who want the glory of the title “Mommy” but don’t want the work that comes with it. There are many who want their rights as parents to be protected even when they aren’t doing the job of parent. What about the right of your child to have the joy of calling the only caregiver they know “Mommy? What about the right of a child to have a clear sense of belonging? Rights, rights, rights, I hear so much talk of rights these days, everyone has them, even criminals have them. It seems to me, the only ones without rights are the innocent children who most deserve them.

In our very small church of only 30-40 in average attendance, there are currently three of us raising grandchildren. There would be four, but one family just moved away. This is just a small representation of the bigger picture of the many, many grandparents raising grandchildren. Yet, I have yet to meet or even talk to anybody else like me, raising their own children while raising grandchildren. IT really does present it’s own set of issues. I also have yet to meet anyone else who has been raising their grandchildren since infancy . I am sure there are more out there, but I have yet to hear from or about them. If you are one of them, I’d love to hear from you, please email or leave a comment.

Almost, But Not Quite

We were hoping yesterday would be our last trip to the burn clinic, and it was, but we're still not done with doctor visits overall with this burn.

They were quite pleased with his progress, but not all the burns are healed just yet. Because of the risk of infection while they are still open, we have to continue to been seen every two weeks. But because he is doing so well, they are going to allow us to be seen by a plastic surgeon in Fontana rather than the burn clinic in LA, which is still a distance, but much closer over all.

Below is a picture of the burn as of this morning. If you have been following the posts and photos of his progress you will know that this is MUCH better than when we started! The larger one on the right of the photo is starting to scab over though, and they don't want that so we have to scrub it out daily which isn't pleasant for him or us!

Daniel is very active! I mean VERY, VERY active, and as a result no matter who bandages him or how well, it is still always coming un-done, so this last nurse came up with this very creative idea to try and keep it all on:

It almost looks like an athletic shirt but it is just the same netting/bandaging we had before but cut different. We are hoping it will work!

We are glad to be done with the trips to LA, as they took alot out of us, but we will miss the great Doctors and nurses we had during this. They were all so great. With many kids, we've had our share of medical involvement, and I have to say, this is the best care we've ever received anywhere!

I will let you all know how he is doing after out next visit. Thanks to all who have sent their prayers, well wishes, and good vibes, they have worked!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Need Help Deciding Who To Vote For??

I can tell you who to vote for if you want, or you can go here and take the Match-O-Matic quiz and see which candidate most closely lines up with your beliefs, needs and stances.

I was quite surprised as I thought mine would be close to half and half for each candidate as I truly have been undecided even though I was starting to lean more one way. Well, all but one of the answers matched who I was leaning towards. So perhaps I am no longer undecided??

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Real Dirt on Farmer John

I watched the greatest little movie last night; The Real Dirt on Farmer John

I don't know what inspired me to rent it to be honest, I think it came up as a recommended title from Netflix. I am so glad it did! This is a great documentary.

The main story line is about Farmer John himself and his story of losing the family farm, and re-starting it and his life journey through it all. There are many sub-stories that are equally as touching and interesting such as the relationship between John and his mother, such loving devotion on both ends. Then there was the whole 60's-70's hippie movement that John embraced and this actually plays a big part in the horrible lies and gossip that starts about John and leads to suspicion and dis-trust among his neighbors. This story line is something we can all learn from; how we shouldn't be so quick to judge others just because they are a little different. Too bad his neighbors were so quick to judge and believe the vicious lies that were told(among them, that he was a Satan worshipper and drug dealer) because they were so quick to judge and believe they missed out on getting to know a truly neat individual. Their loss, but unfortunately, it didn't come without cost to John.

Then comes the story line that led me to rent the movie to begin with; how he re-started his farm this time organically! I loved watching this part, the way so many interesting people of so many different backgrounds and cultures came together and helped this to happen. It's refreshing to see people who once had big careers with big paychecks to give it all up and come work the farm, I loved the working relationships between the Mexican farm workers and the other workers and volunteers.

Eventually Johns farm became a CSA (community supported agriculture) farm. Over time a rather large one at that! I highly recommend you check out the CSA link and see if there is a CSA you can become involved with, it is a great way to get to know your local farmer and get great, natural, healthy food for you and your family! We were involved in one until last year when our local farmer opted to start selling to local restaurants. We hope to find another soon.

Believe it or not, even with all of these details, I didn't give away the whole movie, there is just so much more to it than I could write here. You can go to the farms website to learn more or order the movie, or you can rent it from Netflix, but be sure to check it out!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let's Talk Politics!??

Hmmm... I usually shy away from such discussions, but I have found this political season to be quite interesting and have learned alot and made lots of interesting observations and even some self discoveries.

I grew up in a family where politics really weren't discussed outside the immediate family, and even then we dared not discuss who we voted for, it was personal. So I have been shocked that so many these days just love to discuss this stuff and even share who they are or aren't voting for. On the same hand I still come across many, even close friends from my own generation who still hold to the old rules and wont share who gets their vote. I would think maybe this is a generational thing, but I was quite surprised when someone old enough to be my father whom I haven't talked to in ages, asks out of the blue: "So, who ya voting for?" I was not offended in the least, I don't mind discussing it, but I was just surprised as it ruined my theory on this being generational.

So, who am I voting for? Wanna know? So do I!! Seriously, if you had asked me a few weeks back I would have said Tinkerbell. No, I am not joking. I really just felt I couldn't vote for either of these candidates. But the truth is one of them WILL be president in November whether I like it or not. So, with that in mind, and with the excellent advice of my brother, I started watching the conventions, listening to the speeches and really looking into both front runners. I have been pleasantly surprised by both!

See, when all this first started, there were two Republican candidates that I really was excited about, and one on the Democrat side I could have dealt with. So when we got these two from all the great pickings we started off with, I was a little more than disappointed to say the least.

I should share here, that I started off my voting career as a Democrat. See, my mom was a Democrat, her parents were Democrats, and their parents were as well. So, at the fresh young age of 19 when I was eligible for the first time to vote for president, I registered Democrat, and voted as such.

In following years although I remained a registered Democrat, I found myself always voting Republican. So this past year I re-registered as a Republican, but am quickly realizing I need to re-register once again as an Independent. See, I really do sway more to the right to be honest, especially on gun control, social, and for the most part economic issues. But there are things that are VERY important to me that I sway the other way on, especially environmental concerns.

I was quite surprised when no too long ago, someone very close to me was shocked to discover I was more to the right. I guess he sees me as a peace loving, animal rights activist hippie and such a person can no way fit the Republican stereo-type. But I find I am surprising myself that when it comes down to these two choices I am having a very hard time deciding who will get my vote.

I watched Obama's speech at the convention and was sold! What a magnificent speaker! And passionate, something I feel lacking in the other candidate and his VP pick. He said all the right things, but in my opinion still fell short on sharing exactly WHAT this change is he keeps speaking of and HOW he would implement it. But for the most part I was impressed. Prior to that night, I would have never given him so much as a thought but alone consider giving him my vote!

Then I watched the Republican convention and this time McCain won me over. Not half the speaker Obama is, but passionate about that which he is passionate about, his country, the military, things that are important to me as a mother with her oldest son getting ready to start his military career. That first night his pick for VP impressed me as well. She said all the right things, but to me seemed to be lacking in something, couldn't quite place it. She seemed to be reciting something memorized and practiced. In my opinion(and I know many whom I consider friend will disagree with me here) seemed to be lacking passion and sincerity.

So, now at least I am watching these two and considering giving one of them my vote, but I can honestly say I don't know who it will be just yet. I love Obama's passion, and he seems very sincere to me, but I need to hear more about what this change is and how reasonable it is that he will actually be able to accomplish it. I love alot of what McCain says and that he values a strong military(I am sure this may surprise many who think of me as more of a passivist) and I admire the fact they adopted from my personal hero's orphanage in India, and I appreciate and respect that Palin chose to keep and raise her special needs child and has a large family, but do these alone qualify them to run our country? I really need to learn more about both.

I really hope the majority of voting folks out there take this as seriously as I do. I hope there aren't people out there who are swayed by something as silly as the fact that their favorite rock star is supporting a candidate or simply because of someones gender or even race. I hope that people take the time to look seriously at the actual qualifications of each candidate, their past voting history, what they stand for and most importantly, that they can actually implement all the promises they make. It's one thing to have great promises it's another to actually carry them out.

I hope that people don't do what I did my first time around and vote one way because that's how mom and dad did, or vote another because they are registered with a particular party and feel they must vote for that party. I for one, choose not to be affiliated with either party from here on out and plan to vote for who is most qualified and capable.

I know there are many out there who feel like I once did that by voting for the lesser of two evils you are still voting for evil and therefore wont vote. But I am fairly sure one of them will be the lesser evil of the two, and by not voting for him you are allowing the greater evil to prevail. Who that is will depend on where you stand on the major issues at hand this election season, but please, take the time to seriously look at both and make an EDUCATED vote.

I still can't say for sure who will get my vote, but I do know that whoever it is will get it because I took the time to research both, watch and listen to both and determined one was clearly a better choice, not because some rock star told me to, or that I think it is cool one shares my passion for adoption, my choice will be based on the issues such as the war, the economy and things that affect us all.

Marching to Your Own Drummer

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth....just had/am having a difficult week. I managed to contract pink eye and hate doctors, so even though I have great insurance I decided I could self treat and have only accomplished making it worse! So I look like a hideous monster with one eye completely swollen up not to mention a vibrant shade of red that can't quite be described. What most likely started off as viral pinkeye is now bacterial thanks to my genius idea of using one of the kids old prescriptions that contaminated my eye with their past infection! YUCK!!

IF that were the worse of my I mentioned in a previous post we started a public school homeschool program this year. I have such mixed feelings about this. I can't say I really like it, but can't say I hate it either. I can say that because it is an online school, and we only have one computer with Internet access and two kids using the program, school takes us 10 or more hours a day!!

Also, being a public school program, things are expected to be done in certain ways according to their standards. Now, I will have to admit that I am a bit of a free-spirit over all, and very much so when it comes to the education of my children. My children in turn, one in particular are very much free spirits. Overall, I think this is a good thing, but when it comes to trying to fit someone else's mold or fit into their cookie cutters, well we just don't fit all that well.

Let me explain; here is a little story that I have always kept in mind during our homeschooling career. I have come across it in several books but stole it from this website last night.

"The teacher handed out crayons and paper and announced that it was time to draw a picture. The little boy enthusiastically grabbed the crayons and began to imagine all the things he could draw: mountains, lakes, airplanes, his family, his dog, the ocean, the stars at night...Hundreds of ideas raced through his creative little mind.His teacher, seeing that he had started drawing, stopped him and said that today the class would be drawing flowers. The boy's mind again ran wild: daisies, daffodils, roses, carnations, violets, lilacs, pansies, mixed bouquets, green gardens full of rainbows of colors...The teacher again interrupted, informing the class that today they would be drawing a certain kind of flower.Taking colored chalk, the teacher went to the board and drew a green stem, with two leaves, and four identical pink petals. The little boy, eager to please, dutifully copied her drawing.After several attempts, his drawing looked exactly like hers. The teacher congratulated him for doing such good work.As the school year passed, the little boy became a very good student; he learned to listen, obey instructions and get the right answers on tests. Hes parents were very proud of him, and his teacher was impressed with his excellent progress.When the next school year arrived, the boy had done so well in his classes that he was enrolled in an accelerated program. During the first week of class, the teacher handed out crayons and paper and announced that it was time to draw a picture. The little boy, still in love with art, enthusiastically picked up his crayons and waited for instructions. After several minutes the teacher noticed that the little boy wasn't drawing. "Why haven't you started?" she asked. "Don't you like to draw?""I love to draw," responded the little boy, "but I was waiting for you to tell us what the assignment is.""Just draw whatever you want," the teacher smiled and left the little boy to his creativity.The little boy sat for a long time, watching the minutes tick off the clock and wondering what he should draw. Nothing came to mind.Finally, in a burst of creative inspiration, he picked up his crayons and began to draw:A green stem, with two leaves, and four identical pink petals."

This really came to mind twice this week when dealing with my youngest. The first incident was when he was asked to do a particular essay on a particular topic. He was more than willing to write the essay, but just not on their theme. He had his own idea on what he wanted to write, but it didn't fit the guidelines of what they were asking. Luckily this assignment wasn't required to be turned in, and I was able to compromise a bit with him.

The second incident was almost identical to the story above. He was asked to draw a portrait of a real or made up person. No problem...but he just wasn't willing to do it exactly as they wanted. They had very specific guidelines on size, order, etc...I was growing more and more frustrated trying to get him to do it their way. Then I remembered the above story and our reasons for homeschooling all of these years(eleven years now!) While a bit frustrated with him, I have to admit I was also proud. Not so much proud that he wouldn't obey me, but proud that at such a young age, he is willing to stand up for himself and not allow me, a school, or anyone else stifle his creativity. He was willing to make a portrait, but they way HE wanted...which by the way happened to be an elf.

Daniel is definitely his own person with his own thoughts and ideas and very unique personality. I am ashamed to admit there have been times we have asked him to change to fit societies standards or expectations. He can be very young for his age at time and we are always telling him to grow up or act his age, but he continues to march to the beat of his own drummer, and he truly doesn't care what others think, even if they make fun of him. We should all be so bold.

My husband reminded me of this song this morning:

When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful,A miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical.And all the birds in the trees, well they'd be singing so happily,Joyfully, playfully watching me.But then they send me away to teach me how to be sensible,Logical, responsible, practical.And they showed me a world where I could be so dependable,Clinical, intellectual, cynical.

There are times when all the worlds asleep,The questions run too deep For such a simple man.Wont you please, please tell me what we've learned I know it sounds absurd But please tell me who I am.

Now watch what you say or they'll be calling you a radical,Liberal, fanatical, criminal.Wont you sign up your name, wed like to feel you're Acceptable, respectable, presentable, a vegetable!

At night, when all the worlds asleep,The questions run so deep For such a simple man.Wont you please, please tell me what we've learned I know it sounds absurd But please tell me who I am.

The Logic Song by Supertramp. Doesn't this just remind you of what public schooling and society in general does to us all? Kudos to those who are brave enough to continue marching to their own drummer!

Okay, as usual, this went an entirely different direction than planned when I started. I will be back later and give you my review of the school good and bad.

Friday, September 5, 2008

In The Home-stretch?!

We had our appointment at the burn clinic yesterday and things must be going well, as we went from having to go twice a week to not having to go again for two weeks!!

Things are going really well. There are still a few small areas where the third degree burns aren't healing but the Dr. is just going to leave them for now. He said if they were on Daniel's face, hands, arms, etc...they'd do an operation and/or skin grafts, but seeing how they're on his back he feels in time they will heal over. They may leave a nasty scar, but he said "we'll talk about that later."

I for one and relieved that most likely he wont be needing surgery. This poor guy has already been through so much, not only with this burn, but a few years back he had both legs in casts/splints from his hips to his ankles at once! He had dislocated one knee just a week or two before a scheduled surgery to remove a tumor on the other! So at Christmas he looked just like Tiny Tim with his crutches and both legs in casts! He was trooper even then though, he still proudly played his part as an angel in the Christmas program at church! Then, we wont even mention the "bent" arm(yes, my child bends, rather than breaks!)

So all that to say, he has been through more than his fair share in life already, he doesn't need another surgery to add to it!

The burn itself looks pretty good! I am happy with the progress. Once the third degree areas heal, we wont need all of this bandaging any more! It is quite a process to not only bandage him daily, but the bathing and treatments of creams and all. Good news there too! We can now use a prescribed moisturizer on the 2nd degree areas, and only need to use the other cream on those small third degree areas!

It is amazing how quickly he has healed up in just two weeks! The accident was two weeks ago this morning! As I type this, this was the time of morning his dad was driving frantically to the fire station exactly two weeks ago!

So, there will probably be no more Daniel updates for two weeks unless those third degree's heal up before that time, then I will be sure to let you all know!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Accidental?? Not This time!!

I have posted here before about my "Accidental" gardening experiences and how only once have I ever gotten anything to grow intentionally.

Well make that TWO times now!! Here are my first ever cucumbers!! We had planted two different kinds and both produced!

Here are my up and coming tomatoes:And my pumpkins are just starting to bloom!With the exception of the pumpkins we grow everything in barrels because of our overwhelming rabbit population here in these hills that can easily eat a whole big garden in one night! I was nervous about trying the tomatoes in these, but they seem to be doing well!
I have to admit I have gotten quite a feeling of satisfaction out of this! I am planning on getting more containers and growing more and more! I would love to be able to grow all of our own produce! The stuff in the store tastes like nothing more than water, and now they want to start spraying it all with radiation! I think I'll pass on that one, thank you!

It Doesn't Get Much Better....

Since Daniels accident and burn injury our hiking adventures have been temporarily placed on hold. Not wanting to gain anymore weight than I already have, we set up a treadmill someone had recently given us on our back porch. So the other night as I was huffing and puffing away, this photo above was my view as the sun was beginning to go down for the night.

It does get a little better I suppose, I'd sure rather be out in the woods...but this is the next best thing! How many people in the gym get this as their view as they workout! I LOVE the country life!