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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Accidental?? Not This time!!

I have posted here before about my "Accidental" gardening experiences and how only once have I ever gotten anything to grow intentionally.

Well make that TWO times now!! Here are my first ever cucumbers!! We had planted two different kinds and both produced!

Here are my up and coming tomatoes:And my pumpkins are just starting to bloom!With the exception of the pumpkins we grow everything in barrels because of our overwhelming rabbit population here in these hills that can easily eat a whole big garden in one night! I was nervous about trying the tomatoes in these, but they seem to be doing well!
I have to admit I have gotten quite a feeling of satisfaction out of this! I am planning on getting more containers and growing more and more! I would love to be able to grow all of our own produce! The stuff in the store tastes like nothing more than water, and now they want to start spraying it all with radiation! I think I'll pass on that one, thank you!

1 comment:

The Cooking Lady said...

I could live on cucumbers. I love those things. Great garden. I have garen envy!