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Friday, September 19, 2008

Almost, But Not Quite

We were hoping yesterday would be our last trip to the burn clinic, and it was, but we're still not done with doctor visits overall with this burn.

They were quite pleased with his progress, but not all the burns are healed just yet. Because of the risk of infection while they are still open, we have to continue to been seen every two weeks. But because he is doing so well, they are going to allow us to be seen by a plastic surgeon in Fontana rather than the burn clinic in LA, which is still a distance, but much closer over all.

Below is a picture of the burn as of this morning. If you have been following the posts and photos of his progress you will know that this is MUCH better than when we started! The larger one on the right of the photo is starting to scab over though, and they don't want that so we have to scrub it out daily which isn't pleasant for him or us!

Daniel is very active! I mean VERY, VERY active, and as a result no matter who bandages him or how well, it is still always coming un-done, so this last nurse came up with this very creative idea to try and keep it all on:

It almost looks like an athletic shirt but it is just the same netting/bandaging we had before but cut different. We are hoping it will work!

We are glad to be done with the trips to LA, as they took alot out of us, but we will miss the great Doctors and nurses we had during this. They were all so great. With many kids, we've had our share of medical involvement, and I have to say, this is the best care we've ever received anywhere!

I will let you all know how he is doing after out next visit. Thanks to all who have sent their prayers, well wishes, and good vibes, they have worked!

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