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Friday, September 26, 2008

Cats and Yoga

I thought my Neko kitty was just trying to be a pain, as each time I do yoga, that is the time he wants to come and be affectionate. He is rarely an affectionate cat, but unroll the yoga mat and get in a head stand and he is right there wrapping himself around your neck!

Then we get a new cat a month or two back and she does the same thing! Now, she is always affectionate, but take out the yoga mat and she is ALL over you! She has even jumped on my back end while I'm in downward dog!

So, I started thinking my cats aren't too weird after all and perhaps there is just something about yoga that brings out the best in our furry feline friends. Today out of curiosity, I started searching the web to see if this was a common trait and I found this video:

Too funny, but very much what doing yoga in my house is like. Perhaps one of these days one of my late sleeping kids will get up early enough to get a video or photo of my yogi kitties!

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