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Friday, September 5, 2008

In The Home-stretch?!

We had our appointment at the burn clinic yesterday and things must be going well, as we went from having to go twice a week to not having to go again for two weeks!!

Things are going really well. There are still a few small areas where the third degree burns aren't healing but the Dr. is just going to leave them for now. He said if they were on Daniel's face, hands, arms, etc...they'd do an operation and/or skin grafts, but seeing how they're on his back he feels in time they will heal over. They may leave a nasty scar, but he said "we'll talk about that later."

I for one and relieved that most likely he wont be needing surgery. This poor guy has already been through so much, not only with this burn, but a few years back he had both legs in casts/splints from his hips to his ankles at once! He had dislocated one knee just a week or two before a scheduled surgery to remove a tumor on the other! So at Christmas he looked just like Tiny Tim with his crutches and both legs in casts! He was trooper even then though, he still proudly played his part as an angel in the Christmas program at church! Then, we wont even mention the "bent" arm(yes, my child bends, rather than breaks!)

So all that to say, he has been through more than his fair share in life already, he doesn't need another surgery to add to it!

The burn itself looks pretty good! I am happy with the progress. Once the third degree areas heal, we wont need all of this bandaging any more! It is quite a process to not only bandage him daily, but the bathing and treatments of creams and all. Good news there too! We can now use a prescribed moisturizer on the 2nd degree areas, and only need to use the other cream on those small third degree areas!

It is amazing how quickly he has healed up in just two weeks! The accident was two weeks ago this morning! As I type this, this was the time of morning his dad was driving frantically to the fire station exactly two weeks ago!

So, there will probably be no more Daniel updates for two weeks unless those third degree's heal up before that time, then I will be sure to let you all know!


William Cooney said...

I was touched by your story of Daniel's accident. I worked for a brief time in a burn unit when I was in the Navy. The one thing I remember most is that these poor people went through unspeakable pain.

He does sound like a trooper, though, as you say. All my best "vibes" for your family.

Red said...

Hah! Me and Daniel can sit with coffee and swap stories about dislocated knee. That is what got me to the point that I had this darn tootin' back surgery.

I was standing at my fron dorr and whammo. One minute I am closing my front door like a do all day long, then the next minute I am on the floor screaming in pain not being able to stand on one leg.

I need to blog about that story.

Glad all is going well for you and your family!