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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let's Talk Politics!??

Hmmm... I usually shy away from such discussions, but I have found this political season to be quite interesting and have learned alot and made lots of interesting observations and even some self discoveries.

I grew up in a family where politics really weren't discussed outside the immediate family, and even then we dared not discuss who we voted for, it was personal. So I have been shocked that so many these days just love to discuss this stuff and even share who they are or aren't voting for. On the same hand I still come across many, even close friends from my own generation who still hold to the old rules and wont share who gets their vote. I would think maybe this is a generational thing, but I was quite surprised when someone old enough to be my father whom I haven't talked to in ages, asks out of the blue: "So, who ya voting for?" I was not offended in the least, I don't mind discussing it, but I was just surprised as it ruined my theory on this being generational.

So, who am I voting for? Wanna know? So do I!! Seriously, if you had asked me a few weeks back I would have said Tinkerbell. No, I am not joking. I really just felt I couldn't vote for either of these candidates. But the truth is one of them WILL be president in November whether I like it or not. So, with that in mind, and with the excellent advice of my brother, I started watching the conventions, listening to the speeches and really looking into both front runners. I have been pleasantly surprised by both!

See, when all this first started, there were two Republican candidates that I really was excited about, and one on the Democrat side I could have dealt with. So when we got these two from all the great pickings we started off with, I was a little more than disappointed to say the least.

I should share here, that I started off my voting career as a Democrat. See, my mom was a Democrat, her parents were Democrats, and their parents were as well. So, at the fresh young age of 19 when I was eligible for the first time to vote for president, I registered Democrat, and voted as such.

In following years although I remained a registered Democrat, I found myself always voting Republican. So this past year I re-registered as a Republican, but am quickly realizing I need to re-register once again as an Independent. See, I really do sway more to the right to be honest, especially on gun control, social, and for the most part economic issues. But there are things that are VERY important to me that I sway the other way on, especially environmental concerns.

I was quite surprised when no too long ago, someone very close to me was shocked to discover I was more to the right. I guess he sees me as a peace loving, animal rights activist hippie and such a person can no way fit the Republican stereo-type. But I find I am surprising myself that when it comes down to these two choices I am having a very hard time deciding who will get my vote.

I watched Obama's speech at the convention and was sold! What a magnificent speaker! And passionate, something I feel lacking in the other candidate and his VP pick. He said all the right things, but in my opinion still fell short on sharing exactly WHAT this change is he keeps speaking of and HOW he would implement it. But for the most part I was impressed. Prior to that night, I would have never given him so much as a thought but alone consider giving him my vote!

Then I watched the Republican convention and this time McCain won me over. Not half the speaker Obama is, but passionate about that which he is passionate about, his country, the military, things that are important to me as a mother with her oldest son getting ready to start his military career. That first night his pick for VP impressed me as well. She said all the right things, but to me seemed to be lacking in something, couldn't quite place it. She seemed to be reciting something memorized and practiced. In my opinion(and I know many whom I consider friend will disagree with me here) seemed to be lacking passion and sincerity.

So, now at least I am watching these two and considering giving one of them my vote, but I can honestly say I don't know who it will be just yet. I love Obama's passion, and he seems very sincere to me, but I need to hear more about what this change is and how reasonable it is that he will actually be able to accomplish it. I love alot of what McCain says and that he values a strong military(I am sure this may surprise many who think of me as more of a passivist) and I admire the fact they adopted from my personal hero's orphanage in India, and I appreciate and respect that Palin chose to keep and raise her special needs child and has a large family, but do these alone qualify them to run our country? I really need to learn more about both.

I really hope the majority of voting folks out there take this as seriously as I do. I hope there aren't people out there who are swayed by something as silly as the fact that their favorite rock star is supporting a candidate or simply because of someones gender or even race. I hope that people take the time to look seriously at the actual qualifications of each candidate, their past voting history, what they stand for and most importantly, that they can actually implement all the promises they make. It's one thing to have great promises it's another to actually carry them out.

I hope that people don't do what I did my first time around and vote one way because that's how mom and dad did, or vote another because they are registered with a particular party and feel they must vote for that party. I for one, choose not to be affiliated with either party from here on out and plan to vote for who is most qualified and capable.

I know there are many out there who feel like I once did that by voting for the lesser of two evils you are still voting for evil and therefore wont vote. But I am fairly sure one of them will be the lesser evil of the two, and by not voting for him you are allowing the greater evil to prevail. Who that is will depend on where you stand on the major issues at hand this election season, but please, take the time to seriously look at both and make an EDUCATED vote.

I still can't say for sure who will get my vote, but I do know that whoever it is will get it because I took the time to research both, watch and listen to both and determined one was clearly a better choice, not because some rock star told me to, or that I think it is cool one shares my passion for adoption, my choice will be based on the issues such as the war, the economy and things that affect us all.

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